Thursday, January 17, 2019

What's On TV Tonight (1973)?

Right after Adam-12, Channel 6 has the Christmas72 Bob Hope Special on tonight (Wednesday, Jan. 17) 1973.

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  1. I like these programs. Right off the bat, I particularly like this one for all of the Los Angeles Rams references and the maps.

    Roman Gabriel, Merlin Olsen and the NFL72 Rams lost five of their last six games to finish 6-7-1 and out of the playoffs for the third-straight season. Take heart, Bob Hope, Bruce Dern and all of the other Rams backers, better days are ahead.

    1. Merlin Olsen made the cover of the January SPORT, for a trio of stories the magazine had about NFL72 defense:

      -- "A Brief For Buoniconti" by John Devaney,

      -- "The Cries Of A Cornerback" by New York Jet Steve Tannen and

      -- "Mike Reid: Part Tchaikovsky, Part Nagurski" by Phil Musick, about the Cincinnati Bengal defensive tackle who is about to give up football for music.

      The other NFL72 related thing is titled "Superpsych: Getting High On The Super Bowl" by Peter Gent, and I'm guessing that is not a big analysis of how the Dolphins are going to clobber the Redskins.

    2. I loved him. I especially loved him on the NBC football telecasts with Dick Enberg (I preferred them to John Madden and Pat Summerall), and I enjoyed his florist commercials, as well.

  2. My entire family was over the moon for Lola Falona.

  3. Replies
    1. Tonight's episode: "Officer Reed is introduced to the new female police commissioner, whom Malloy has cited for a traffic violation."

      I probably would've opted instead for tonight's Paul Lynde Show, on Channel 3 at 7 p.m.: "Paul vents his hostility toward a senior law partner by writing a letter which he doesn't intend to mail, but the dry cleaner does." I couldn't find that particular episode on YouTube, but I found another that was pretty cute.

  4. After this Bob Hope Special, Channel 6 then had a Cole Porter In Paris special hosted by Perry Como, and I know my 44-year-old mom would've loved seeing that had she not had a stinking 4-year-old to get to bed. Let's hope the 4-year-old gave Mom a break and let her see Perry in peace, but let's also be real--I'm quite certain he did not. Maybe at least, the 4-year-old konked out early enough that the 44-year-old could get out to flip on the TV set for the last half hour or so and receive the phone call from her sister in Evansville that came the moment after every Perry Como production on TV and opened, despite the lack of caller ID, not with a "hello, who is this?" but instead, "isn't he gorgeous?"