Sunday, December 16, 2018

NFL Update (1972)

In heaven, may my "NFL Update" posts at the HP be consistent, comprehensive and lively. Dear Lord, please let it be so. Amen.

Previous and future NFL72 reports:

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  1. Browns 26 at Jets 10, as New York starts Bob Davis in place of injured Joe Namath. I'm always happy to discover football players I've never heard of, and Bob Davis was one such happy discoveries of a year or two ago. He was an Oilers' second-round draft choice out of the University of Virginia in 1967, and he was a part-time starter in all but two of the seven AFL/NFL he played. His season-by-season quarterback ratings were 17.5, 26.4, 50.1, 47.7, 57.3, 72.9 and 0.0. That high-water mark came in NFL72, but this season-closing loss to visiting Cleveland didn’t help Robert Ellersie Davis, Jr. of Long Branch, New Jersey: five completions in 12 attempts for 44 yards and an interception (by defensive lineman Walter Johnson, as captured in the NFL Films video linked), for a 17.4 rating.