Friday, January 24, 2020

Album Reviews: Lolo Zouai and Camila Cabello

High Highs to Low Lows: This debut album from Paris artist Lolo Zouai is not anything super special, but it's also a very solid collection of songs. I've enjoyed listening to it and really can't find anything bad about it. Her voice is not the best, she's a pop artist who is taking much inspiration from Euro trip hop, Middle Eastern, and African music. She intermixes French and English in her lyrics and I find it an enjoyable listen. I would say this is a mood album. If you are feeling a bit down, maybe the weather is a bit gloomy, then put this on your headphones and take a walk. It will fit in perfectly with you. Maybe that's why right now in the gloomy days of Winter I'm giving this album 3 stars out of 5.

Romance: This is Camila Cabello's sophomore album. She's a new artist to me, was part of the group Fifth Harmony. This is a fun pop album taking cues from Latin music. Similar to the album from Lolo I can't really find any problems with this album. Where High Highs to Low Lows is a bit of a mood piece, this album is pure romantic energy. There isn't a bad song on the album though there aren't any great songs on the album either. It's just solid entertaining pop. Could have been shorter but I still give it 3 out of 5 stars.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020


Taylor Swift is the same age now that Bruce Springsteen was in 1980, and this seems almost perfectly correct to me.

I could go on for an annoyingly long time about how great I think the rhyme of "dazzling haze" with "mysterious way" is in the middle of a sentence.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Kentucky Wildcats Update

I've decided I don't like my team very much after all.

By the way, here's a complete list of all Kentucky games decided by 3 points or less in regulation or in overtime since the beginning of the 2015-16 season (home teams listed first):

12/26/15:  Kentucky 75 - 73 Louisville
01/30/16:  Kansas 90 - 84 Kentucky (Overtime)
02/20/16:  Texas A & M 79 - 77 Kentucky (Overtime)
03/13/16:  Texas A & M 77 - 82 Kentucky (Overtime) (SEC Championship)
12/21/16:  Louisville 73 - 70 Kentucky
01/24/17:  Tennessee 82 - 80 Kentucky
01/31/17:  Kentucky 90 - 81 Georgia (Overtime)
03/19/17:  Kentucky 65 - 62 Wichita St. (NCAA Tournament Second Round)
03/26/17:  N. Carolina 75 - 73 Kentucky (NCAA Tournament Elite Eight)
01/03/18:  Louisiana St. 71 - 74 Kentucky
01/09/18:  Kentucky 74 - 73 Texas A & M
01/20/18:  Kentucky 64 - 66 Florida
01/30/18:  Kentucky 83 - 81 Vanderbilt (Overtime)
02/06/18:  Kentucky 59 - 61 Tennessee
03/22/18:  Kentucky 58 - 61 Kansas St. (NCAA Tournament Sweet 16)
12/08/18:  Seton Hall 84 - 83 Kentucky (Overtime)
01/05/19:  Alabama 77 - 75 Kentucky
01/19/19:  Auburn 80 - 82 Kentucky
02/12/19:  Kentucky 71 - 73 Louisiana St.
03/31/19:  Kentucky 71 - 77 Auburn (Overtime) (NCAA Tournament Elite Eight)
11/12/19:  Kentucky 64 - 67 Evansville
12/18/19:  Utah 69 - 66 Kentucky
12/28/19:  Kentucky 78 - 70 Louisville (Overtime)
01/15/20:  S. Carolina 81 - 78 Kentucky

In these 24 games -- which include UK's last three losses in the NCAA Tournament -- the Cats are 9-15.  In the last 11 games on the list, the Cats are 2-9.  Those games include:

1.  A two-point loss at home to Tennessee
2.  A three-point loss to Kansas State that eliminated UK from the 2018 tournament.
3.  A two-point loss at home to LSU on a goal that should have been disallowed, but which cost UK the 2019 SEC Regular Season title (and potentially a number-one seed).
4.  An overtime loss to Auburn that eliminated UK from the 2019 tournament.

I keep thinking that these close losses will even out at some point.  But they certainly didn't do so last night.

Monday, January 13, 2020

NFL73 Update: Super Bowl VIII!

Channel 12's pregame coverage starts now on the afternoon of Sunday, Jan. 13, 1974, after some NBA game ...

So that gives us a little while to get settled in and comfortable for the big game ...

Comments flow!

Saturday, January 11, 2020

XXXII Olympic Summer Games, Tokyo 2020 (Programming Note)

The games officially start July 24, but there's some preliminary stuff happening as early as July 22. There's always something good coming up.