Monday, November 23, 2020

Who's The Greatest College Basketball Program Of All Time?

 Did you really have to ask?

Congrats to Western for coming in at Number 21.

Congrats to Other Team In State for coming in at Number 6, and pushing the Hoosiers down to Number 7.  Every little bit helps.

What's On TV This Week (1974)?

TV Guide's
got 1974 me all psyched up in here!
There's something about November that brings out the best in television. Of all the months of the year, it is the one that is likely to have the most abundant and most varied array of special programs.
It's no accident, of course, that all the networks cluster so many of their specials in this autumnal month. It's the time of year when cold weather is setting in throughout much of the continent, and people are spending more time indoors, where their television sets are.

And it's the time of year when sponsors are eager to find vehicles that can carry their messages prodding viewers to get started on their Christmas shopping ...

Now it's time for November's main event--Thanksgiving week, which is so crammed with special programs and special events, it's hard to sort them all out ... 

Happy reading, happy viewing. Happy Thanksgiving!

The big deal on Saturday, Nov. 23, 1974, is going to be college football, of course ...

But, clearly, we are going to be needing our HP-exclusive e-IHOP NFL Magnetic Team Standings Board in the next few days ...

Comments flow!

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Auburn Basketball Bans Itself from the 2021 Post-Season

The idea that Auburn and Bruce Pearl would be punished for violating some type of NCAA rule has to be the least surprising development of the last five years.  Of course, there is no telling what sort of benefits Auburn received from all of this cheating, but no one would be surprised if the cheating helped Auburn knock UK out of the 2019 NCAA Tournament.

One can only hope that someone will look into what actually happened, and not let Pearl and Auburn sweep everything under the rug by self-imposing a post-season ban in a year where it's very likely there will be no post-season.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Album Review: Brightest Blue by Ellie Goulding


Ellie Goulding is new to me and I really enjoyed this album. Reading about it, it is essentially a double album. The first half is more experimental, should probably be thought of as a new release. The second half is more mainstream and includes some singles that are already out there. It's funny because I didn't realize this when I first started listening, but I picked up on it while listening. 

The first part of the album is solid and interesting. Lyrically she's interesting and vocally she's really good. I will miss this album off of my playlist and have turned to it much more often for instance than the Taylor Swift album. But like that album I would have dropped the second side and just made this an album of songs that worked together.

Album Review: Folklore by Taylor Swift


 At 15 tracks I think this album is too long.  That being said Taylor Swift is able to hit on enough songs to keep you listening.  Her writing and her vocals have matured well over the last few years and this is a strong album.  

I have found myself drawn to certain songs and would have cut this one down to about a 10 track album if it was me.  I could actually see her getting some new fans off of this album.  It feels different enough that I could see someone trying this out and buying in.