Friday, December 14, 2018

What's On TV (Late) Tonight (1972)?

2018 Mix Tape

It's that time of year when we start looking at our favorite songs and albums of the year.  Each year I make a mix of my favorite 20 songs ranked from 20 to 1.  Enjoy.

20.  Hurt You by The Weeknd
     I love the sound of this song.

19.  Icarus by With Confidence
     At 50 I still like angry, angst music like this.  Truth is I think we always still feel many of those youthful frustrations.

18.  Chasing Feelings by Story Untold
     This song stuck with me all year which surprised me.  A sad song about drug addiction.

17.  Back Being Blue by Kelly Willis
     Can't leave Kelly Willis off of a best of mix on a year she puts out an album.  She's such a good singer.

16.   I Don't Remember Me by Brothers Osborn
     It's not "21 Summer" but a solid song.

15.  Rearview Town by Jason Aldean
     I like this song.  Fits in with all of those songs about leaving a place behind.

14.  Come Here by Sabrina Claudio
     Have you ever been crazy in love.  This song captures that feeling so well.

13.  Ciao Adios by Anne Marie
     A fun pop song gets me every time.

12.  Missing U by Robyn
     Robyn has such an interesting approach to music and emotions.

11.  Latchkey Kids by Family of the Year
     Really like this song.  Been a go to ever since I reviewed this album.

10.  Summer Years by Death Cab for Cutie
     As I said when I reviewed this album it was very reflective.  This song captures that perfectly.

9.  Then by Anne Marie
     Nothing I like better than a fun pop song than a romantic pop song.

8.  Rebel Heart by First Aid Kit
     This was off the second album I reviewed this year and I have played this song to death.  Great broken hearted tune.

7.  Orphan by Ashley Monroe
     This is such a pretty song.  Ashley Monroe seems to really get me with at least one song off of her albums.

6.  Your Dog by Soccer Mommy
    This is a solid, angry, youthful song.

5.  Naked by Sabrina Claudio
     Best romantic song I've heard this year.

4.  Face by Tracey Thorn
     A sad but brilliant song.  There should be a video for this song.

3.  Because It's In the Music by Robyn
     This is the year of sad memories it seems.  This song is perfect.

2.  Northern Lights by Death Cab for Cutie
     I can't get enough of this song.  Lyrically it is brilliant.  Musically it hits all the marks for me.

1.  Call Out My Name by The Weeknd
     If you are going to have a year dominated by songs about lost love and angst this is the topper for sure.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Album Review: Honey by Robyn

Robyn is now 39 years old and it has been 8 years since her last album. I'm a Robyn fan and so I've been waiting for this album to come out. She is an interesting artist. Her music could be categorized as club music but lyrically she's always been a little off center. Take the song on this album "Because It's In the Music." It is a light sounding song but lyrically it is about a woman hearing a song that takes her back to a memory that makes her sad.

Because it's in the music
Heavenly bodies moving, yeah
I'm right back in that moment
And it makes me want to cry

And I wonder when you hear it
Are you getting that same feeling?
Like you wanna break down in hell
I keep playing it anyway

Much of this album is about relationships gone bad. From lost loves, to someone begging for forgiveness, to someone swearing off a negative relationship. What I like about this album is that she has toned down the beats quite a bit and so the album has a more mature feel to it. Not necessarily the songs you'd hear at the club, but an album you would put on after getting home from the club or dinner on a bad night.

I talk a lot about artists maturing and with Robyn around 39 one might ask should she still be constructing an entire album around relationships. Well I would answer that at any age much of our life involves relationships and that it is how we look at those relationships both current and in the past that reflects our maturity. I think by slowing down her sound a bit, and by extending her wistful angst ridden lyrics to be a bit more reflective that she has matured quite well on this album.

I hope that Robyn will come back with another album in less than 8 years, but if it takes that long for her to give us this kind of effort than I can wait and I look forward to see what she'll be saying. Following the Rhapsody rating method I give it 3 out of 5 stars for Pretty Good.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Thirty Fifth Podcast

The thirty fifth podcast is up. Thanks to for the audio files. Eric and Matthew talk about the Dolphins.

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