Wednesday, May 25, 2022

NBA Update

The Celtics and Heat are tied at two games apiece, and the Mavs last night pulled to within 3-1 of the Warriors.

Monday, May 23, 2022

Stage 15, Sunday, of the Tour of USA, KY Edition

 Pikeville to Richmond (253KM, 3104M of elevation, 8 Cat 5 climbs)

At 253KM we are getting into rare territory for a grand tour stage.  Because of the distance this would likely end up being labeled a 5 star day.  The 3000M of elevation would alone make it a 4 star day, but to add in that distance is the real kicker.  But we are heading into the last rest day and a fairly easy run of stages in the 3rd week heading into the final time trial.  

Stage 14, Saturday, of the Tour of USA, KY Edition

 Cumberland to Pikeville (183KM, 3468M of elevation, 1 Cat 2, 1 Cat 3, 5 Cat 5 climbs)

This is a stage made for a breakaway group to get away because of the early climb.  The rest of the ride is rolling so I can't see much happening in the overall battle.  Likely from now on in we'll be waiting for the time trial.  This leads to a big debate.  With this structure of a race how would teams try and get their GC riders positioned to win.  You can't leave it all for the 1 big mountain top finish, so how would the teams approach a race that consisted mostly of a bunch of up and down stages?  Again in reality the organizers would work to figure out how to make the days harder and provide those opportunities for GC racers to fight it out, but I would have to give that some real though to think of how I could fix my current layout to make that happen.  

Stage 13, Friday, of the Tour of USA, KY Edition

 London to Black Mountain (213KM, 4508M of elevation, 1 Cat 1, 1 Cat 2, 2 Cat 4, 8 Cat 5 Climbs)

It's a 5 star day and a long day in the saddle.  This will be the moment when we find out whether or not one of the classics style riders could have maybe put enough pressure on the climbers to be able to win this race.  It would all come down the climb up Black Mountain.  

Stage 12, Thursday, of the Tour of USA, KY Edition

 Maysville to London (218KM, 2635M of elevation, 1 Cat 3 climb and 6 Cat 5 climbs)

If the United States every becomes a home of a strong set of cycling races, I could see KY having a 1 day classic they host over in this part of the state.  You could make some brutal days over in this part of the state if you wanted.  This stage would be another 3 star day in the saddle as we head into the queen stage of the tour.