Saturday, March 25, 2017

Kentucky Tour 8

(Evansville, Indiana)--Henderson--Madisonville--Hopkinsville--Guthrie--(Nashville, Tennessee); U.S. 41, U.S. 41-A and U.S. 41, Dixie B-Line.

HENDERSON, 6.6 m. 

DIXON, 31.8 m.



MORTONS GAP, 63.4 m.



GUTHRIE, 114 m.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Best Songs: A Perfect Indian by Sinead O'Connor

This is one of those songs that I absolutely love though I don't fully understand the meaning of the entire song.  Part of it is the melody.  Part of it is Sinead O'Connor being an incredible vocal performer.

To me though the real grab on this song are the following lyrics.
And there I saw a young baby
A beautiful daughter was she
A face from a painting
Red cheeks and teeth aching
Her eyes like a wild Irish sea

On a table in her yellow dress
For a photograph feigned happiness
Why in my life is that the only time
That any of you will smile at me
First you need to understand the album Universal Mother where you can find this track. It has a number of songs that deal with mothers. For instance "A Perfect Indian" is followed by the song "Scorn Not His Simplicity" which deals in part with the dilemma of having a child with special needs. Sinead O'Connor does deal with the tender love of being a mother with a song like "My Darling Child" but she's much more interested it would seem in looking at motherhood from many different angles, including a mother who feels unhappy or children dealing with abuse at the hand of their mother, "Fire on Babylon."

Let's break down these lyrics above.  First we have this loving visual of a young girl.  Lyrically I find it brilliant as I can so perfectly picture the face she is describing.  The words used too are words that show a love that one feels for this child.  Then we move into the next verse.  A photograph of the girl where she is feigning happiness, and the mother feels this is the only time her child ever expresses happiness is when she is pretending to be happy.  In essence the mother feels as though she is failing this beautiful child she so adores and that this child can never love her.

This leads us to the next verse which is a bit tougher to fully understand.
I'm sailing on this terrible ocean
I've come for my self to retrieve
Too long have I been feeling like Lir's children
And there's only one way to be free
The story of the children of Lir is an interesting one but in essence it is about these children who were turned into swans. They were cursed to live in three different bodies of water for 300 years each and would only be able to break the curse if they heard the sound of a new God's bell.  While the children were swans Ireland found Christianity.  O'Connor has always been open about her strong faith and has even talked about Christianity helping her deal with many of the demons in her life, like dealing with the child abuse she suffered.

So in this song we have a mother who feels she is failing, feels her child cannot love her and is coming to save herself by turning to God.  It's an interesting song and something you just don't see people dealing with much on musical albums and I think helps to show just what a brilliant talent Sinead O'Connor is.

I would recommend giving Universal Mother a listen if you haven't.  I know this isn't the most upbeat song and so far the two songs I've written about are dealing with darker topics, but brilliant songs like these are hard to come by and the fact that she can delve into such a deep topic with so few words is quite astonishing to me.  Similar to how I felt about "Ludlow Street."

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Album Review: Sign 'O' the Times by Prince

A few years ago Eric recommended I review old albums that get released for streaming, so this year I decided I would do that when there were particular albums I liked or was interested in. I won't put any of the songs off of these albums on my best of lists but I think it's fun to look back on stuff, especially an album like this that was released 30 years ago.

When I went to college in 1986 I was roomed with a kid from Chicago. Not only was he from a big city, but he was from money as well. He was very athletic, very good looking and I have no idea how he ended up in Lexington. That year of my life was critical for my musical growth as he put me onto all sorts of music I had never been exposed to previously. On the last day of school I was packing up to leave and he handed me a tape he had made for me of the Sign 'O' the Times album. As I got in my truck and started to back out for my drive home I slipped the tape into place and listened for the next hour or so to the album as I cruised down the Bluegrass Parkway.

I had never been a big Prince fan but this album grabbed me if for no other reason the song "Sign 'O' the Times." It was so interesting to hear Prince sing a song about what was happening in the world. That interested me and so I found myself for the first time really listening to a Prince album. This of course would then get me to go back and listen to all of his stuff. To me Sign 'O' the Times held such promise.  If I had known 30 years ago what I know now, that in many ways that would be Prince's peak, I would have been surprised and terribly sad, glad I didn't.  

Listening to it now 30 years later a few things stand out.  Prince was incredibly prolific over his career and this album represents that side of Prince quite well.  Prince also liked to experiment with many different sounds, from classic R&B, to funk, to pop, to well anything you can imagine.  This album also shows that side of Prince.  It's 16 songs that are all over the place and now listening to this album you can hear all the different directions Prince would go at different times before and after this album.

This album still stands out with how many good singles it has.  He was at the height of his talent in terms of writing melodies and hooks on this album.  But hearing it now 30 years later and knowing that he never made that serious social album, or never made that great soulful R&B album we all knew he had in him instead of feeling promise it just seems a bit sad we never got that from Prince and now he's gone.

I have to make a note here about the movie Sign 'O' the Times as well.  The minute it becomes available for digital watch it.  It's a brilliant concert film and really shows just how talented Prince was in a way that you can never get from a studio album.

Following the Rhapsody rating method I give it 3 out of 5 stars for Pretty Good. It has so many good moments on this album that it's hard to give it anything less than 3 stars.

Oh, Kentucky

Great jobs and humanity news in Bath, Menifee, Montgomery, Morgan and Rowan counties!

Hiring in Berea: "The VISTA member will build the capacity of the KentuckyAssociation of Food Banks (KAFB) by assisting with the development andimplementation of hunger-relief programs for low-income children, adults and seniorsin all 120 counties of Kentucky."

A WKU senior from Frankfort has opened a meal-replacement-shake restaurant in Bowling Green.

One doesn't normally find sharks in Beaver Dam, and that's precisely the point.

Latest in the Gabe's saga in Owensboro ...

About WDRB's exclusive interview with President Trump ...

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Third Podcast

The third podcast is up. Thanks to midis101 and for the audio files.

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