Thursday, September 16, 2021

Survivor Pool Week 2

Here are the results so far:

Week one:  Los Angeles Rams 34, Chicago Bears 14 (I survived)

This week I have decided to go with the Cleveland Browns at home against the Texans.  I don't think the Browns will go 0-2 to start the season.


Top-five countdown: 

5. Nina Blackwood 

4. Alan Hunter 

3. Martha Quinn 

2. Mark Goodman 

And, at No. 1, ....

... please continue scrolling! ...

... it's J.J. Jackson! 

But, to be clear, I loved Nina Blackwood.

HP Special Report: Ah, Paducah

This is an HP Special Report ... a conversation is unfolding this morning on the Facebook social-media platform (fanned by, among others, a star trumpeter in the 1984 Heath High School Marching Band of Pirates/former Boy Scouts of America Troop 4 patrol leader) about the history of Cardinal Point, and it is LIT!


Will advise as events warrant (i.e., comments flow!) ...

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Downton Abbey

I just want to say a few quick things about this show, which I love. 

I've just started the sixth and final season. And as previously mentioned, I love it, which surprises me because I tend to struggle with shows heavy on British accents. I remember once, when we were in high school, being a real pill one night when we all got together and rented and watched A Room With a View. I really tried to ruin the experience for everyone. I threw a tantrum in the video store because I wanted to instead rent some sports thing, and I tried to make it all about you guys not being masculine enough. The real problem was that I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up, but I felt stupid to admit that. That actually wouldn't've been stupid; what was stupid was how I acted. Sorry. 

Also, I'm the only person our age who never got into the Monty Python stuff. Same issue--I never really know or understand what they're saying.

But, again, I love Downton Abbey, and I'm sorry to see that I'm coming to the end of the series. I know about the movies--I'm glad there's a 2019 thing to watch when I'm done with the TV show, and I'm glad they're coming out with Downton Abbey 2 next March, and I hope they make 50 more after this one. But I prefer TV to movies, and, so, what I really want is about 100 more seasons of the TV series.

What I also want, and here's what I really wanted to say this morning, is for sweet Mrs. Patmore and sweet Mr. Mason to fall in love and have a beautiful and fun marriage growing old together right there at Downton and for Daisy to care for them and for everyone to end up superhappy.

I accept that the smart people who make TV shows have to inject conflict and problems into a series to keep viewers like me interested over the long haul, and I respect that a person who goes to the unimaginably massive effort of writing something as huge and great as Downton Abbey (5 stars, highly recommended) is going to want to get into the pulpit and make whatever statements (however hard) about the human condition and our relationship to God that he or she feels called to make.

But I also think it is not too much to ask, after investing in the lives of these fake people and falling in love with them over however many hours, that I get to see them all get to be happy in the end. I've always appreciated the people who made Friends for giving our friends happy endings, and I'm very much hoping for the same payoff with all of the people on Downton

Because I really do love them all. Even mean, ol' Thomas.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Kentucky AP High School Football Polls

 Class 6A:
1.  Lou. Male:  3-0
2.  Lou. St. Xavier:  2-1
3.  Lou. Manual:  4-0
4.  Lou. Ballard:  3-1
5.  Lex. Bryan Station:  2-1
6.  Lou. Trinity:  0-4
7.  Cent. Hardin:  4-0
8.  Ryle:  3-1
9.  Daviess Co:  3-1
10.  Henderson Co:  2-1

Trinity has lost to Carmel High School of Indiana, St. Rita of Chicago, and LaSalle of Cincinnati.  They also forfeited a game to Moeller of Cincinnati.  This week they play Louisville Male.

Class 5A:
1.  Lex. Douglass:  4-0
2.  S. Warren:  2-1
3.  Ft. Thomas Highlands:  3-1
4.  Bowling Green:  3-1
5.  Owensboro:  3-1
6.  Southwestern:  3-0
7.  Cov. Catholic:  2-2
8.  Woodford Co:  4-0
9.  Scott Co:  1-2
10.  N. Laurel:  3-0

Class 4A:
1.  Corbin:  4-0
2.  Lex. Catholic:  4-0
3.  Johnson Cent:  3-1
4.  Boyle Co:  3-1
5.  Lou. Central:  2-2
6.  Logan Co:  3-1
7.  Franklin Co:  2-2
8.  John Hardin:  2-2
T9.  Knox Cent:  3-1
T9.  Letcher Co. Cent:  3-1

Class 3A:
1.  Bardstown:  3-0
2.  Lou. Christian Academy:  4-1
3.  Union Co:  4-0
4.  Mercer Co:  3-1
5.  Lawrence Co:  3-0
6.  Bell Co:  2-1
T7.  Russell:  2-2
T7.  Glasgow:  3-1
9.  Taylor Co:  3-1
10.  Ashland Blazer:  1-3

Class 2A:
1.  Beechwood:  4-0
2.  Lex. Christian:  4-0
3.  Mayfield:  4-0
4.  Middlesboro:  4-0
5.  Danville:  2-2
6.  Hancock Co:  4-0
7.  Murray:  2-1
8.  W. Carter:  2-1
9.  Green Co:  3-0
10.  Metcalfe Co:  2-2

Class 1A:
1.  Pikeville:  4-0
2.  Lou. Ky. Country Day:  4-0
3.  Raceland:  2-1
4.  Sayre:  3-0
5.  Williamsburg:  2-1
6.  Newport Cent. Catholic:  2-2
7.  Paintsville:  1-2
8.  Bethlehem:  3-1
9.  Russellville:  3-1
10.  Hazard:  2-2