Monday, November 26, 2018

NFL72 Update: Week 11 (Sunday)

Nov. 26:

— Packers at Redskins
— Rams at Saints
— Eagles at Giants
— Broncos at Falcons
— Bengals at Bears
— Patriots at Colts
— Oilers at Chargers

Here's Phil Finch in the Sunday, Nov. 26, 1972, San Francisco Examiner:
The Oakland Raiders have spent their last two weekends settling old debts. Today, they can transform a disappointing season and even up the biggest account of all when they play the Kansas City Chiefs, 1 p.m., at the Oakland Coliseum. 
The Raiders, now 6-3-1, made up for years of harassment by the Cincinnati Bengals when they dominated the Cincinnati club two weekends ago, reclaiming the American Football Conference’s Western Division lead. 
A week ago, the Raiders atoned at least partilly for that embarrassing upset inflicted by the Denver Broncos early this season. The Raiders exacted their pound of flesh with insistent precision, outclassing the Broncos in almost every department that football coaches consider important. 
None of that, though, helped salve the sting of a loss in Kansas City three weeks ago. The Chiefs, on that afternoon, were perceptibly the stronger and more confident team.
But, with a victory today, the Raiders would move 2 1/2 games up on the Chiefs, with three games to play. Moreover, they could help break the spirit of the Chiefs, who haven’t won a game since beating Oakland in K.C.
Several Raiders have individual face-saving to do, too, after that 27-14 loss in Kansas City. …Art Shell, the veteran offensive tackle, was tagged “Highway 78” by a local sportswriter playing off Shell’s uniform number the day after the game. The reference was to Shell’s supposed problems with Chiefs end Aaron Brown in the loss, but it was unfair and somewhat inaccurate.
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