Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Freakin' Weekend (1972/73)

I've gotten myself stagnated on my 46-years-ago pretend at the HP.

For one thing, we're smack in the middle of Christmastide as I observe it, and that's always a happily different season for me, vacating me from the same, old routines that nourish me throughout the rest of the year. And that's great. Not only is the different good in and of itself, the different also is good in that it makes me more grateful and renewed when I get back to the sames.

So Christmastide is one issue here. The other thing, though, is that pretend me is catching up to the real me that I actually remember, and so I'm getting bogged down in all of the 1972 media that 2018 me consumes. I'm pretty regularly looking at three daily newspapers on; I'm looking for pretty much a whole prime-time schedule's worth of old TV episodes, and I wanted freaking everything in the 1972 Sears Wishbook this year. All of it fancies me.

Anyway, the chase is that I don't know what the heck I'm doing now. I'm all over the place, and I want to talk about everything, and I'm saying almost nothing. And that's no fun at all, because posting and commenting on stuff at the HP makes my heart just absolutely sing. I think my strategy is just going to be to start posting more stuff that is less connected and see how that goes.

Here's the Partridge Family that played on ABC on Friday, Dec. 29, 1972:

Previous and future NFL72 reports:


  1. I really like The Partridge Family. I think it's sweet, clever and funny. I really like it.

  2. An independent TV channel, 29, aired NFL Game of the Week on Friday evenings at 6:30 during the NFL72 season. Here was its segment on the Dolphins' 20-14 win over the Browns on Dec. 24.

  3. This game in the Orange Bowl must’ve been so terrifying for Don Shula. Miami was 13-point favorites, but here the Dolphins were trailing in the fourth quarter as Earl Morrall was on his way to a six-of-13 passing day for 88 yards and Cleveland was overloading its defense to stop the Miami run game. Fortunately, Charlie Babb blocked and returned a punt for a touchdown; Miami intercepted five passes by Mike Phipps (the quarterback Cleveland drafted in trading Paul Warfield to Miami), and Warfield made two daring, spectacular catches of off-target Morrall throws to get going Miami’s game-clinching touchdown drive. (So, ultimately, even more terrifying than it was for Shula, this game must’ve been maddening for Browns fans.)

    Shula had already played Bob Griese a bit in the regular-season finale, and my guess is this non-sparkly Morrall performance against a solid, postseason defense was familiar enough to the coach that he decided here to never sit and wait again before putting in Griese.