Friday, December 7, 2012

Kentucky high-school football, lights out

The Kentucky Football Coaches Association has tied a bow on the 2012 high-school season. So has Go Heath. I guess I will, too:

-- Week 1 roundupwestern Kentucky results and the Lexington Herald-Leader's preseason rankings

-- semifinals and Go Heath's update

-- championship weekend and congratulations to Class A-champion Mayfield, 2A-champ Newport Central Catholic, 3A-champ Louisville Central, 4A-champ Fort Thomas Highlands, 5A-champ Bowling Green and 6A-champ Louisville Trinity

Finally, here are some pictures I snapped around Waggener High School in Louisville in the late afternoon of Friday, Oct. 5. My daughter and I were killing time while my wife attended a conference at a church in Saint Matthews, and we stumbled upon Waggener while tooling around the neighborhoods looking for a playground. Alas, there's an elementary school on the same property as the high school, so we found our (fantastic/5 stars/highly recommended) playground. Plus, the football Wildcats were knocking around in their uniforms, in anticipation of the Spencer County Bears' visit later that evening. We didn't stick around to see the game, but the 4-3 Bears went on to defeat the 1-5 Wildcats, 55-22. And then Waggener went on to finish 2-9 for the season with a first-round loss to Louisville Western in the 6A playoffs. 

Better luck next year, Waggener Wildcats! My guess is that things will get rolling again along about Aug. 17, 2013, and I do hope and pray that we are all around to happily ring in the new season of Kentucky high-school football together then.


  1. In 1998, the season before Paul Columbia became their head coach, the Winchester George Rogers Clark Cardinals lost all 10 of their games. In 2012, the season after Columbia left the team, GRC went 1-10. Here's what happened in between ...

    1999: 4-7
    2000: 5-6
    2001: 5-6
    2002: 5-6
    2003: 6-5
    2004: 5-6
    2005: 8-3
    2006: 8-5
    2007: 3-8
    2008: 6-5-1
    2009: 8-4-1
    2010: 5-6
    2011: 3-8

    Also this.

  2. Fort Thomas Matters is reporting that Ohio State coach Urban Meyer is hanging out at Highlands today. I don't blame him; they're having spaghetti for lunch today.

    Meanwhile, it's a good thing for Arkansas State that this kid from Owensboro never made a visit to WKU, because there's no way on Earth that any human being who has ever actually been to Jonesboro, Ark., and then to Bowling Green, Ky., would choose to return to the former. Check out Jonesboro's "Funland" Park amusement park. OK, now check out Bowling Green's Beech Bend.

  3. Replies
    1. It would also be nice if we didn't know that Central, Highlands, and Trinity were going to win state championships every year.