Sunday, December 2, 2012

KHSAA Football Awards Banquet

OK, to close the loop on Eric's great coverage, here are your 2012 State Champs (private schools in italics):

Class 1A:  Mayfield 55 - 8 Fairview
Class 2A:  Caldwell Co. 26 - 30 Newport Cent. Catholic
Class 3A:  Lou. Central 12 - 6 Belfry (OT)
Class 4A:  Collins 0 - 47 Ft. Thomas Highlands
Class 5A:  Bowling Green 34 - 20 Cooper
Class 6A:  Lou. Pleasure Ridge Park 7 - 61 Lou. Trinity

Five of this year's state champions (Mayfield, NCC, Central, Highlands, BGHS, and Trinity) won state titles in 2010.

Four of this year's state champions (Central, Highlands, BGHS, and Trinity) won state titles in 2011.

If the purpose of the class system is to make sure that Highlands can avoid any tough match-ups on their way to their inevitable state championship, then I suppose it is working.  If its purpose is to make high school football more entertaining and dramatic for fans and players, then it is not working.  I want to see Mayfield play Newport Central Catholic.  I want to see Bowling Green play Highlands.  I want to see a 6A final that is decided by less than 30 points.  And I want a good explanation of why all 12 teams in this year's final had to travel to Bowling Green, when most of them were from the Louisville/Bluegrass/Northern Kentucky triangle.

But we have our own awards to give out that do not depend on the oddities of the KHSAA.  Here they are:

Best Team in the Commonwealth:
Louisville Trinity

Coach Rodney Bushong Trophy (for the Best Team in the Jackson Purchase):

Al Baker Trophy (for the Best Team between Louisville and the Purchase):
Bowling Green

Paul Hornung Trophy (for the Best Team in Jefferson County):
Louisville Trinity

Jim Bunning Trophy (for the Best Team in Northern Kentucky):
Ft. Thomas Highlands (I have no idea why Highlands, NCC, and Cooper all avoided each other in the regular season, but they did.  If Cooper wants to win this award, they need to find a way to beat Highlands.)

Coach Blanton Collier Trophy (for the Best Team in the Bluegrass):
Scott Co.

Tim Couch Trophy (for the Best Team in the Mountains):

Once again, we have two winners of the Certificate for Team that Should Be Forced to Move Up to a Higher Level of Competition:  Louisville Central and Ft. Thomas Highlands.  (We considered Mayfield for this award, but they did lose to Hazard last year in the state final.)

Now, on to basketball!

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