Sunday, March 10, 2024

42 Teams Left

Sixteen games on tap tomorrow, including some really big ones:

Second Region Semi-Final (at Hopkinsville):
Madisonville-N. Hopkins v. (7) Lyon Co.

Fourth Region Semi-Final (at W. Kentucky U.):
Cumberland Co. v. (10) Bowling Green

Seventh Region Final (at Valley):
Lou. Seneca (17-15) v. (5) Lou. Trinity (25-7)

Eighth Region Semi-Final (at Henry Co.):
Simon Kenton v. (8) N. Oldham

Tenth Region Semi-Final (at Mason Co.):
(12) George Rogers Clark v. Campbell Co.

Thirteenth Region Final (at The Corbin Arena):
Corbin (23-8) v. (9) Harlan Co. (30-4)

Fourteenth Region Final (at Powell Co.):
Breathitt Co. (20-11) v. Perry Co. Cent. (21-13)

Fifteenth Region Final (at Appalachian Wireless Arena):
Martin Co. (23-9) v. Magoffin Co. (20-13)

Sixteenth Region Semi-Final (at Morehead St. U.):
(17) Boyd Co. v. Rowan Co.


  1. Kentucky jumps all the way up to number 9 on the AP poll; the Cats are still number 17 on Ken Pom.

  2. Every so often, I go through a mini-Gin Blossoms period where I listen to their music and remind myself of their sad story. Here are the first two verses of "Found Out About You." It's about as bleak an opening as you can find in pop music:

    All last summer, in case you don't recall
    I was yours and you were mine -- forget it all.
    Is there a line that I could write
    That's sad enough to make you cry?
    And all the lines you wrote to me were lies.

    Months roll past the love that you struck dead
    Did you love me only in my head?
    The things you said and did to me
    They seem to come so easily
    The love I thought I'd won you give for free.

  3. Perry Co. Central is playing Breathitt Co. on YouTube. Perry Co. Central leads 26-21 with 4:41 left in the third quarter.

  4. The gym in Powell Co. is packed to the rafters, as it should be. Powell Co.'s gym has pictures of famous Powell Co. teams hanging on one of the walls behind the goal. It's a very nice look.

  5. There are 803 people watching this stream.

  6. Breathitt Co. 28 - 28 Perry Co. Central (3:00 left in 3d)

  7. Perry Co. Central goes on a 13-0 run to end the third quarter:

    Breathitt Co. 28 - 41 Perry Co. Central (end of 3d quarter)

  8. Breathitt Co. 34 - 43 Perry Co. Cent. (5:20 left)

  9. Breathitt Co. 52 - 57 Perry Co. Cent. (39 seconds left)

  10. The rules of high school basketball -- 8 minute quarters, no shot clock, three-point shots -- are just about perfect.

  11. It seems like almost every team in Kentucky is either red and black or blue and white. In this case, Breathitt Co. has white uniforms with blue numerals, and Perry Co. Cent. has black uniforms with white numerals and red trim.

  12. Breathitt Co. 55 - 61 Perry Co. Cent. (21 seconds left)

    Now we're getting an ad for Breathitt Funeral Home & Monument Co.

  13. You also get a lot of ads for lawyers. One firm said they were "Eastern Kentucky attorneys for Eastern Kentucky people."

  14. Perry Co. Central wins 62 to 55, and they go back to State. They were just there in 2022.

  15. In the Fourth Region, (10) Bowling Green crushes Cumberland Co. 68 to 34.
    In the Sixteenth Region, (17) Boyd Co. beats Rowan Co. 65 to 57.

  16. In the Seventh Region, (5) Trinity crushes Seneca 77 to 45. I still have no idea what happened to St. X.

    1. This will be Trinity's first trip to State since the Shamrocks won it all in 2019.

  17. Now on YouTube, we go to Morehead State, where Ashland leads Fleming Co. 16 to 9.

  18. List of recent State Champs:

    2013: Madison Cent. (11th Region)
    2014: Cov. Catholic (9th)
    2015: Owensboro (3d)
    2016: Lex. Paul Dunbar (11th)
    2017: Bowling Green (4th)
    2018: Cov. Catholic (9th)
    2019: Lou. Trinity (7th)
    2020: N/A
    2021: Ft. Thomas Highlands (9th)
    2022: George Rogers Clark (10th)
    2023: Warren Cent. (4th)

  19. There are 742 people watching the Ashland/Fleming Co. stream, and one of them is in the chat complaining that the announcers are rooting for Ashland.

  20. Someone answered that the announcers are the Ashland radio team, and then the first person said: "If they gonna do that they should have 1 from each team then."

  21. Fleming Co. 19 - 25 Ashland (Halftime)

  22. OK, now I'm switching to Bowling Green, where the Warren Central Dragons are playing the Glasgow Scotties in the Fourth Region Semi-Finals. The accents here are different from the ones you get in Perry Co.

  23. I've been to the 14th Region, the 16th Region, and the 4th Region, and in every region, the commercials emphasize that the business at issue really understands Kentucky and Kentuckians.

  24. Warren Cent. 14 - 12 Glasgow (end of 1st quarter)

  25. In the Fifteenth Region, Magoffin Co. beats Martin Co. 67 to 57. The Magoffin Co. Hornets go to State for what appears to be the first time ever. They will play Perry Co. Central.

    1. From 1924 to 1976, the Hornets were known as Salyersville. Since 1977, they've been known as Magoffin Co. Neither version ever made it to State until today.

  26. Warren Central leads 30-15 late in the second quarter, and I've seen enough.

  27. In the Second Region, Henderson Co. crushes University Heights, 69 to 34.

  28. In the Thirteenth Region, (9) Harlan Co. beats Corbin 62 to 48. They're going to State for the first time since 2017.

  29. Now on YouTube we're off to Henry County, where Spencer Co. leads Walton-Verona 37 to 27 in the Eighth Region semi-finals. The winner will play Simon Kenton for the title. Simon Kenton beat (8) N. Oldham 75 to 63 in Overtime. So far, Simon Kenton has eliminated (14) Woodford Co. and (8) N. Oldham.

  30. As you would expect, much less noticeable accents in the Eighth Region.

  31. Walton-Verona 40 - 45 Spencer Co. (1:52 left in 3d)

  32. Walton-Verona 43 - 48 Spencer Co. (end of 3d quarter)

  33. Walton-Verona 55 - 56 Spence Co. (3:46 left)

  34. Walton-Verona 58 - 60 Spencer Co. (1:06 left)

  35. Spencer Co. leads 61 to 58 with 17 seconds left. Walton-Verona ball. The radio announcers want Spencer Co. to foul.

  36. Spencer Co. didn't foul. Walton-Verona missed a contested three, and then fouled with 0.5 seconds left. The guy for Spencer Co. missed the first FT, and made the second. Walton-Verona then hurled the ball the length of the court on the last play of the game -- and made it! It's a good thing for Spencer Co. that they made that last FT. Final score: Spencer Co. 62, Walton-Verona 61.

  37. Ashland beats Fleming Co. 52-45 and will play (17) Boyd Co. for the Sixteenth Region Final.

  38. On a night when other teams are being upset, (7) Lyon Co. survives, beating Madisonville 84 to 62. In the Fourth Region, Warren Central pounds Glasgow 71 to 36.

  39. In the 12th Region, Somerset beat Danville Christian 60 to 57 in triple overtime. That's the last result of the night.

  40. We're finished for tonight. Here's where each of the regions stands. The last ten Regional Finals will be played tomorrow night:

    1st: Marshall Co.
    2d: (7) Lyon Co. v. Henderson Co.
    3d: Owensboro Catholic v. Butler Co.
    4th: (10) Bowling Green v. Warren Cent.
    5th: Adair Co.
    6th: (11) Lou. Evangel Christian v. Lou. Fairdale
    7th: (5) Lou. Trinity
    8th: Simon Kenton v. Spencer Co.
    9th: (3) Newport v. (14) Cooper
    10th: Harrison Co. v. Campbell Co.
    11th: (1) Great Crossing v. (2) Lex. Catholic
    12th: Somerset v. Pulaski Co.
    13th: (9) Harlan Co.
    14th: Perry Co. Cent.
    15th: Magoffin Co.
    16th: (17) Boyd Co. v. Ashland Blazer

  41. Huge upset in the 10th Region, where Campbell Co. beat (12) George Rogers Clark. The Cardinals had won 65 games in a row against teams from the Tenth Region.