Sunday, March 10, 2024

46 Teams Left

Personally, I don't think they should play high school basketball on Sunday.  But we have four big games today:

First Region Final (at Murray St. U.):
McCracken Co. (26-7) v. Marshall Co. (24-7)

Fifth Region Final (at Green Co.):
Adair Co. (27-7) v. Bethlehem (16-14)

Ninth Region Semi-Finals (at No. Kentucky U.):
Lloyd Memorial (25-8) v. (3) Newport (30-3)
(6) Cov. Catholic (26-5) v. (14) Cooper (23-8)


  1. In the Ninth Region, Newport drills Lloyd Memorial, 60 to 20.

  2. Victory for the Marshals! Marshall Co. beats McCracken Co. 54 to 46, and the Marshals will be going to State for the first time since 2012.

  3. A big upset in Northern Kentucky, where (14) Cooper beat (6) Cov. Catholic 55 to 36. Neither CovCath nor St. X made the Regional Finals. But the Ninth Region final is set:

    (3) Newport (31-3) v. (14) Cooper (24-8)

  4. In the Fifth Region, the Adair County Indians smash the Bethlehem Eagles 80 to 62. It's the first time the Fifth Region has been won by someone outside of Hardin Co. since 2017, and the first time Adair County has won the region since 2009.

  5. Adair Co. will play Marshall Co. at 5 P.M. Central on March 20 at Rupp Arena.