Tuesday, December 1, 2015

#BBN 1969-70

Spoiler alert:

Hoping to lure him into providing some game reports over the course of the season, here’s the schedule in Go Heath style (home games in ALL CAPS):

12/01/1969: WEST VIRGINIA
12/16/1969: KANSAS
12/08/1969: North Carolina (Charlotte, N.C.)
12/13/1969: INDIANA
12/19/1969: NAVY (UKIT)
12/20/1969: DUKE (UKIT)
12/27/1969: Notre Dame (Louisville, Ky.)
12/29/1969: MIAMI (OHIO)
01/03/1970: MISSISSIPPI (conf.)
01/05/1970: MISSISSIPPI ST. (conf.)
01/10/1970: Florida  (conf.)
01/12/1970: Georgia (conf.)
01/17/1970: TENNESSEE (conf.)
01/24/1970: LOUISIANA ST. (conf.)
01/26/1970: ALABAMA (conf.)
01/31/1970: Vanderbilt (conf.)
02/02/1970: Auburn (conf.)
02/07/1970: Mississippi (conf.)
02/09/1970: Mississippi St. (conf.)
02/14/1970: FLORIDA (conf.)
02/16/1970: GEORGIA (conf.)
02/21/1970: Louisiana St. (conf.)
02/23/1970: Alabama (conf.)
02/28/1970: VANDERBILT (conf.)
03/02/1970: AUBURN (conf.)
03/07/1970: Tennessee (conf.)

There has been some disconcerting roster news during the offseason. This little item turned up in Hopkinsville's Kentucky New Era in July:

And then this heartbreaking followup showed in August:

Well, we'll just have to root for Shelbyville's Mike Casey in his recovery and see what happens.

The 1969-70 UK media guide is for sale at eBay, and here are a couple of images from thekentuckytraders' post:

I wondered what was going on with that big cake (I should've remembered), and so I got a little more serious about the Googling and discovered that Kentucky Digital Library has the whole 411:

Hooray for jmuddcat of YouTube, Google, the Associated Press, thekentuckytraders of eBay, Kentucky Digital Library, the Internet and Christmas! And go, 1969-70 UK!


  1. Kentucky is 16-1 as of Feb. 6, 1970, two games ago having been beaten for the first time this season--by Vanderbilt. Dan Issel has been slowed by a bruised heel, and his backup, Mark Soderbergh, is sick. The Wildcats barely got by Auburn, 84-83, in their most recent game, and then a starting forward, Larry Steele, probably broke a bone in his right hand in a scrimmage back in Lexington.

    Adolph Rupp, as quoted by the AP: "How much does a man have to take? First it was Casey, then Issel and now Steele. I guess all that can happen now is for Mike Pratt to get hurt and we're completely finished."

    Cecil Herndon, in Hopkinsville's Kentucky New Era, by the way, had a column this week in 1970 that Rupp had a graduate student, Wally Dryden, chart a bunch of stats about Tennessee's possessions in the Vols-Wildcats game in Lexington in January. Ray Mears has been saying that its Tennessee's defense that has been holding down the scores of its games.

    Rump, in Herndon's column: "I get so tired of reading about disciplined ball clubs--as if we have a bunch of thugs out there who throw the ball around as they please."

    Dryden's records-keeping showed that Tennessee possessed the ball 27 minutes, 4 seconds, compared to Kentucky's 12 minutes, 56 seconds. Tennessee attempted a shot every 43 seconds and made a bucket every 1 minutes, 23 seconds; Kentucky: 23 seconds per each attempt and 35 seconds per each make. Herndon also reported that Dryden had Tennessee point guard Jimmy England maintained possession for more than 16 minutes himself and dribbled the ball 2,079 times.

    Rupp: "What were the other four players doing that other 30 seconds each time down?"

  2. The most recent Associated Press Top 20, by the way:

    1. UCLA (unanimous, undefeated)
    2. South Carolina
    3. Kentucky
    4. Saint Bonaventure (Bob Lanier was on this team)
    5. North Carolina State
    6. New Mexico State
    7. North Carolina
    8. Jacksonville (Artis Gilmore)
    9. Marquette
    10. Pennsylvania
    11. Southern California
    12. Florida State
    13. Drake
    14. Illinois
    15. Davidson
    16. Houston
    17. Columbia
    18. Kansas State
    19. Villanova
    20. Iowa