Monday, November 30, 2015

Alben Barkley Remembers

Another excerpt from Alben Barkley's 1954 autobiography, That Reminds Me:

"To me, however, Lowe's store is memorable as my boyhood source of what we used to call 'crawly sugar.'  'Crawly sugar' was thick brown sugar, and we called it that, not because it was infested with any form of animal life, but because, when you placed a cup of it in a plate, it would seem to move and shift around as if it were alive.  This 'crawly sugar' came in huge hogsheads, big enough for a large boy to get into.  Mr. Lowe knew the weakness of us youngsters for sweets, and he also knew that we country boys got precious little of such treats.  So when a hogshead had been emptied and rolled out behind his store, he would let us climb into it and scoop out with our Barlow knives whatever crumbs of sugar we could find between the cracks.  It was a great treat when Old Man Lowe would roll out the sugar barrel." (p. 32)

I Googled the phrase "crawly sugar," but only picked up references to things like "creepy crawly sugar cookies" that you could serve at Hallowe'en.  On the other hand, I did find this video.

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