About Heath

The "Heath" in "Heath Post" refers to Heath High School, a high school in West Paducah, Kentucky that was founded in 1910.

In 1929, Heath won the boys' state basketball championship, and it remains the only team from McCracken County ever to do so.

In 1986, Heath won the Class A state football championship, making it one of a very small number of schools (and the only one west of Hopkinsville) to have won state titles in both football and boys' basketball.

Julian Carroll, who served as Governor of Kentucky from 1974 to 1979, graduated from Heath as part of the Class of 1950.  He is the only Governor to hail from the Jackson Purchase.

Heath's sports teams are known as the "Pirates."  The team colors are black and gold (in case you couldn't tell).

In 42 years of varsity football, from 1971 to 2012, the Heath Pirates had an all-time record of 257-209-1.  Here are the records by coach:

Jack Haskins (1971-84): 105-40-1 (State Runner-up in 1975)
Rodney Bushong (1985-95): 92-46 (State Champion in 1986)
Mike Archer (1996-97): 1-20
Robert Dew (1998-2000): 10-23
Vernon Edwards (2001-07): 37-38
Cory Tilford (2008-10): 6-26
John Adams (2011-12): 6-16

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