Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Album Review: Healed by Gabriella Brei

OK what is really weird about the world of music in 2015 is that anyone, if they so choose, can make an album and get it out there for consumption.

This has become true, it seems to me, especially for inspirational artists. There are many small indie labels that will work to get these artists out and even, in this case, lead to getting a #1 iTunes Australian Inspirational single. The fact that there is a category for Australian Inspirational singles pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the world of music in 2015. It is segmented into a million parts and we can, if we so choose, all participate.

We can participate on many levels. Even as a fan participation is much different than it once was. Yes you could have fanzines in the past, but now you can actually friend an artist on Facebook and have a conversation with them. For inspirational artists like Gabriella Brei I would imagine this is a very powerful thing. They can not only get their inspirational message out to a larger audience but still be able to connect with people one on one and help spread the word.

It makes me think about Eric Liddell and how he is portrayed in the movie Chariots of Fire. Running in races and then giving a talk after the race as a way to reach people.  The truth is I can't really review this album.  It feels home made and in many ways that is essentially what it is, but for Gabriella Brei it means the making of a dream and for those who find her songs inspiring it could mean even more than that. 

The world has changed a lot since the internet came into its own back in the early 90's.  Many of those changes can be seen as bad, but perhaps there is some good that has come and can come out of the internet.  


  1. I continue to believe (and, actually, believe more strongly) that, The Internet Is Amazing.

    I love this review best of all.

    About six or eight years ago, I had a 13- or 14-year-old boy in a Sunday-school class who was a big baseball fan. The kid showed me his phone, and he was trading messages with a Chicago Cubs relief pitcher and a bunch of other fans of this pitcher via some social-media platform of the day. The pitcher was answering their questions and sending pictures from the Cubs' bullpen, where the pitcher for that day's game was warming up. I remember thinking how, when I was this kid's age, Dave LaPoint, a pitcher for the Cardinals, came to Paducah for the telethon, and I just thought that was a huge, huge deal. Now here's this kid who is actually conversing with some Chicago Cub immediately before a game. That's really cool.

  2. And, actually, I really like this song, "Water Drop," by Gabriella Brei.