Thursday, November 12, 2015

NFL AP Poll: Week 10

The Broncos finally went on the road last week, and (no surprise) they lost.  Green Bay suffered its second loss in a row, down in Charlotte, and the Panthers are looking very strong right now.  But the big question right now is whether the Bengals are for real:

1.  New England Patriots:  8-0
2.  Cincinnati Bengals:  8-0
3.  Carolina Panthers:  8-0
4.  Denver Broncos:  7-1
5.  Green Bay Packers:  6-2
6.  Arizona Cardinals:  6-2
7.  Minnesota Vikings:  6-2
8.  Seattle Seahawks:  4-4
9.  New York Jets:  5-3
10.  Pittsburgh Steelers:  5-4

The Dolphins fell to 20th after a loss to someone (I think it was the Bills), and the Redskins fell to 23d after being smashed by the Patriots.

The Game of the Week this week takes place in Seattle, where the Seahawks are hosting the Cardinals.  It's a huge game for both teams, and could decide the NFC West.  Conveniently, it will be the Sunday night game -- so you can ignore the rest of the games and do something else with your Sunday afternoon.  Maybe clean up around the house.  Rake some leaves.  Run some errands.  Believe me, any of those actions will be more entertaining than the rest of this week's fixture list.