Sunday, September 3, 2023

Book of the week: Bloom by Kenneth Oppel

That One Kid’s rating: ⅘

Age range: 10-14 years old

Genre: Science fiction


Books in trilogy:

Bloom. Hatch. Thrive.  


Amaya is sickly. She’s constantly weak, having to take pills for her allergy-prone body. She has acne, allergies, and her best friend ditched her. To Amaya her life is only school and sleep, where she is constantly dreaming about running free, without her restricting allergies. But to her old ‘Best Friend’, Petra, life couldn’t be better, she’s popular, pretty, and even though she has a severe allergy to water, and is constantly dreaming of swimming, she has friends that she knows would back her up no matter what. Seth on the other hand is new to their school. Always drawing, dreaming, and sketching, Seth doesn’t have much time for friends. Or for anything really, though his dreams of flying seem to tell him that someday he will be free to do what he wants. What none of them know though, is that very soon they will be brought together by an unknown force, appearing to them as an uncontrollable vine that rains down to earth from the sky. What no one realizes though is that the vines may not just be a natural phenomenon, and all of the kid’s dreams may not just be dreams.

Read this book if you:

Like sci-fi, dystopian, or fantasy genres. Like multiple points of views. And/or if you enjoy trilogies.

What That One Kid noticed:

This book is a great suspense and action novel. With just the right amount of drama, sci-fi, friendship, and originality. All of the characters are relatable, and a perfect short trilogy to get hooked on for the summer. This book is highly recommended and enjoyed! 

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  1. Excellent! I will pass along this review to someone I know in the targeted age range.