Wednesday, October 12, 2022

MLB Playoffs, Day 2

So the MLB Playoffs got off to a good start yesterday, with some exciting games and three strong winners:

National League:
Philadelphia 7, Atlanta 6 (Philadelphia leads 1-0)
Los Angeles 5, San Diego 3 (Los Angeles leads 1-0)

American League:
Houston 8, Seattle 7 (Houston leads 1-0)
New York 4, Cleveland 1 (New York leads 1-0)

For months, it's been obvious that the best teams in baseball are the Braves, the Dodgers, the Astros, and the Yankees.  After so many meaningless games, MLB fans deserve to see those teams go at each other in the LCS next week.  So far, at least three of them are on pace.

Today, for reasons I don't understand, the AL teams are taking the day off.  So we have these matchups:

Philadelphia at Atlanta, 3:35 PM CDT (FOX)
San Diego at Los Angeles, 7:37 PM CDT (Fox Sports One)

I think MLB should do a deal with FOX to carry one game every weekday at 3 PM Eastern during the regular season, so that kids can have a free game to watch every day.  It would be totally worth it for MLB -- the more baseball you watch, the more you get out of it.  In the meantime, those kids can watch the Phillies and the Braves today, and I hope they enjoy it.


  1. Well, the kids didn't get to watch the Phillies and the Braves, because it's raining in Atlanta.

  2. Philly and Atlanta are underway, and there's no score after 3.

  3. Phillies and Braves still scoreless after five.

  4. Zack Wheeler has been on fire tonight for the Phillies. Through 5 2/3 innings he had allowed no runs and only one hit. Then, with two out in the sixth, he hit Ronald Acuna, Jr., and the game stopped for five minutes while the Braves trainers dealt with Acuna. Then he walked Dansby Swanson. At this point the Phillies should have changed pitchers. But they didn't, so Matt Olson whacked a single to score score Acuna and give Atlanta a 1-0 lead.

  5. Then Austin Riley beats out an infield hit, Swanson scores, and now it's 2-0. Wheeler still pitching.

  6. Travis d'Arnaud singles up the middle, and Atlanta leads 3-0. Wheeler still pitching.

  7. With the 3-0 lead, the Braves can go to their bullpen. They've probably used this formula to beat Philadelphia something like 40 times since 2017. Atlanta leads 3-0 after 6 1/2 innings.

  8. Teams like L.A., or Houston, or the Yankees might be able to mount a comeback against Atlanta's bullpen. That's not something NL East teams do.

  9. The Phillies go down with only three hits on the night, and Atlanta rolls 3-0. That series is now tied 1-1.

  10. I just want to say that I appreciate your steadfastness.