Thursday, September 8, 2022

Survivor Pool: Week One

I'm not happy about any of the matchups this week, as the NFL has done a great job of creating a balanced schedule with no obvious wins in Week One.  But you have to try something, and I'm going with Tennessee at home over the Giants.  The betting markets are pretty down on Tennessee, and pretty hopeful about the Giants, but I am still willing to take a chance that the Titans won't lose at home in Week One to a Giants team that was horrific last year.


  1. So the big story tonight is that we have Mike Tirico taking Al Michaels's spot on NBC, as we open with a very strong game -- the Super Bowl Champion Rams hosting the Super Bowl Favorite Bills.

  2. I was rooting for Buffalo to lose, of course, but I still enjoyed watching. It's fun when a game with a lot of attention plays out how I might expect it to when I was a kid and formulating and reformulating teams and seasons with my football cards:

    -- The Rams added Odell Beckham, Von Miller and Matthew Stafford last season, and, with the acquisition of those three all-star football cards, their team went from good, past very good, past great, to champion.

    -- The Bills were great last season.

    -- The Rams didn't have Beckham or Miller last night, and it appeared as though they have some work to do to be only very good this season.

    -- The Bills added Miller, and they looked like they could absolutely be the champions this season.

    I'm sure it was all a lot more complicated than that, but it sure didn't look like it to me last night. It made me feel like I would be a terrific NFL general manager.

  3. And I'm already eliminated from Survivor Pool. The Titans led the whole game, and then gave up a late touchdown -- and a two-point conversion -- to lose 21-20 at home to the Giants. I was very nervous about this game, and I was right to stay away from the Niners and Bengals. But my year is over. I hate the Titans.

  4. Here were the biggest favorites in Week One:

    Colts: -300
    Bengals: -295
    Ravens: -285
    Broncos: -280
    49ers: -250
    Chiefs: -240
    Titans: -230

    The Colts tied. The Bengals lost. The 49ers lost. The Ravens, Broncos, and Chiefs were all on the road. The Titans blew a 13-point halftime lead, gave up a late two-point conversion, and missed a game-winning field goal.

  5. My big mistake was I thought the Jets at home had a better chance than the Giants on the road. Oh, well. I'll try again next year.

  6. Meanwhile, the Dolphins were amazing.