Sunday, September 11, 2022

Brigham Young Takes the U.C.F.C. / The Cats Beat Florida

Last night, Brigham Young defeated Baylor 26-20 (in double OT) to win the Unofficial College Football Championship.

Meanwhile, UK went to Florida and smashed the Gators 26-16 in what is probably the single best performance for the Kentucky basketball team since the Wildcats beat number-4 Penn State 24-20 in State College, Pennsylvania, on October 1, 1977.  I take it all back -- Mark Stoops has really done an unbelievable job.  (I still hope he can beat Tennessee.)  The Wildcats are number 9 in the country -- their highest ranking since they started off 6-1 in 2007.

The Cats haven't been ranked higher than number 8 since 1977, and they haven't been ranked higher than number 6 since 1950.

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