Thursday, September 22, 2022

1975: What's On TV Tonight?

22 Sep 1975, Mon The Miami News (Miami, Florida)

Here were the games that we got yesterday 1975.

Everybody gets the same game tonight, of course.

Apologies to William and Doug, but I'll be flipping over to Channel 3 after Rhoda and Phyllis on Channel 12.

Mostly, though, I'll be using that hour to get my football cards in order for kickoff.

Here are the previous and future 1975 reports. 


  1. OK, now I understand why I petered out pretty quickly on this post back in 2013.

  2. The game opened with Mercury Morris getting a big run outside, and one could trick himself into believing that maybe Morris was just waiting for Larry Csonka and Jim Kiick to go away to become the best running back in the league.

  3. But then Don Nottingham, one of the two Colts bruisers whom Don Shula brought in to replace the World Football League dudes, fumbled, and then it just felt like an evening of Ken Stabler finding Fred Biletnikoff, Cliff Branch or Dave Casper whenever he wanted among six-yard runs by any of about six different running backs named Banahubbeeghan or something.

  4. Here’s how Edwin Pope put in in The Miami Herald on Tuesday morning, Sept. 23:

    The Dolphins started their 1975 seasons the same way they ended their 1974 season.

    The wrong way.

    Unlike, however, the high theater of last December’s 28-26 playoff defeat in Oakland, the Dolphins were buried almost before Monday night’s 31-21 loss to the Raiders began.

    They were buried in bandages and defections and Oakland’s grinding savagery, 17-0, after 25 minutes.

    By then Bob Griese was trying desperately to claw his way out of a twin trap of Raider rushers and boos showering down from his one-time idolators int he Orange Bowl where the Dolphins had won 31 straight games.

  5. Griese was intercepted twice in the fourth quarter, and, watching over the YouTube clip, 2022 me agrees with 2013 me that this was probably the moment that Dad thought it was best to report the unfortunate news that Griese had apparently lost all self control and was letting his hair grow longer. Dad was probably mad at himself for staying up late and sticking with the game after Miami fell behind 17-0.

  6. So the season premiere of NFL Monday Night Football was a pretty big letdown. Rhoda and Phyllis, however, were fine. I really like those shows. Sorry again, William Shatner.

  7. Jim Plunkett is out with an injury, probably for a few weeks, but he continues to hold a spot on the Patriots' active roster because of offseason rules changes that curtail teams' flexibility to stow talent on injured-reserve lists. For now, New England's starting quarterback is Neil Graff, and the Patriots lost in Week 1 to the Houston Oilers, 7-0, in a game in which the only touchdown was a returned fumble for a score.