Friday, February 25, 2022

Last KHSAA Poll of the Season

On Tuesday, February 22, as the District Tournaments kicked off, the KHSAA's top 10 looked like this, according to the AP:

1.  George Rogers Clark:  28-1
2.  Lou. Male:  23-5
3.  Cov. Catholic:  23-4
4.  Lou. Ballard:  24-6
5.  Warren Cent:  21-3
6.  N. Laurel:  23-5
7.  Ashland Blazer:  21-5
8.  Bowling Green:  23-5
9.  Pikeville:  27-2
T10.  McCracken Co:  24-2
T10.  Greenwood:  24-5

That's the top 10 that we're going with through the playoffs.  Here's how they've done so far:

1.  George Rogers Clark won the 40th District, beating Bourbon County 88-40 and beating Paris 114-52. 
The Cardinals are now 30-1.

2.  Lou. Male won the 26th District, beating Brown 95-44 and beating Lou. St. Xavier 86-59.  The Bulldogs are now 25-5.

3.  Cov. Catholic won the 35th District, beating Beechwood 84-54 and beating Cov. Holy Cross 96-57.  The Colonels are now 24-4.

4.  Lou. Ballard won the 29th District, beating Kentucky Country Day 80-29 and beating Christian Academy-Louisville 96-81.  The Bruins are now 26-6.

5.  Warren Central reached the final of the 14th District with a 71-49 win over Warren East.  The Dragons are now 22-3, and they are playing Bowling Green tonight.

6.  North Laurel reached the final of the 49th District with a 82-51 win over Oneida Baptist Institute.  The Jaguars are now 24-5, and they are playing Jackson County tonight.

7.  Ashland Blazer won the 64th District, beating Rose Hill Christian 93-31 and beating Boyd County 82-63.  The Tomcats are now 23-5.

8.  Bowling Green reached the final of the 14th District with a 81-68 win over number-10 Greenwood.  The Purples are now 24-5, and they are playing Warren Central tonight.

9.  Pikeville won the 59th District, beating Jenkins 88-21 and beating East Ridge 65-48.  The Panthers, who have already won the All "A" Classic this year, are now 28-2.

10.  McCracken Co. lost the final of the 2d District, beating St. Mary 57-21 but losing to Paducah Tilghman 50-47.  The Mustangs are now 24-3, and they will be in the First Region Tournament.

10.  Greenwood had the misfortune of having to play number-8 Bowling Green in the 14th District Semi-Finals.  They lost 81-68, and their season is over.  The Gators finish with a record of 24-5.

As we get ready for the regional tournaments, here are the top-ranked teams in each region according to MaxPreps (note that number-13 Greenwood has already been eliminted):

1st:  McCracken Co. (14)
2d:  Lyon Co. (37)
3d:  Owensboro (51)
4th:  Warren Cent. (6) (Bowling Green 9)
5th:  John Hardin (61)
6th:  Lou. Pleasure Ridge Park (16) (Lou. Doss 17) (Lou. Western 19)
7th:  Lou. Ballard (2) (Lou. Male 4) (Lou. Manual 18)
8th:  Woodford Co. (21)
9th:  Cov. Catholic (1) (Cooper 10)
10th:  George Rogers Clark (3)
11th:  Lex. Catholic (8) (Madison Cent. 12)
12th:  Pulaski Co. (15)
13th:  N. Laurel (5) (Knox Cent. 20)
14th:  Perry Co. Cent. (23)
15th:  Pikeville (7)
16th:  Ashland Blazer (11)

If those rankings hold, the State Tournament would look like this (with AP poll numbers in parentheses):

Wednesday, March 16:
Lou. Pleasure Ridge Park v. Pulaski Co.
Owensboro v. Woodford Co.
Perry Co. Cent. v. (1) George Rogers Clark
(6) N. Laurel v. (9) Pikeville

Thursday, March 17:
John Hardin v. Lyon Co.
(3) Cov. Catholic v. (7) Ashland Blazer
Lex. Catholic v. (10) McCracken Co.
(5) Warren Cent. v. (4) Lou. Ballard

There are some potentially amazing matchups in those first round games.

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  1. In the 14th District, Warren Central crushes Bowling Green 68 to 42.