Friday, February 25, 2022

If the KHSAA Were 16 Regions

Here is the latest breakdown with only two weeks left in the regular season:

1st:  Connecticut (18)
2d:  St. John's (66)
3d:  Villanova (11)
4th:  Virginia Tech (33)
5th:  Duke (9)
6th:  Auburn (8)
7th:  Louisiana St. (17) (Arkansas 20)
8th:  Kentucky (3) (Tennessee 10)
9th:  Ohio St. (19)
10th:  Purdue (13)
11th:  Iowa (15) (Illinois 16)
12th:  Kansas (5)
13th:  Baylor (4) (Houston 6) (Texas Tech 7) (Texas 14)
14th:  Arizona (2)
15th:  Gonzaga (1)
16th:  UCLA (12)

This would give us the following draw for the NCAA Tournament:

Wednesday, March 16:
Kansas v. Auburn
Kentucky v. Villanova
Purdue v. Arizona
Gonzaga v. Baylor

Thursday, March 17:
Duke v. St. John's
UCLA v. Ohio St.
Connecticut v. Iowa
Louisiana St. v. Virginia Tech

And here's the latest in the 8th Region.  Western has won seven straight.  Murray has won 17 straight, and just buried Belmont 76-43 in Murray.  That outcome allowed Vandy to overtake Belmont for the first time all season:

29th District:  (3) Kentucky, (118) Morehead St.
30th District:  (24) Murray St., (114) W. Kentucky (Louisville 124)
31st District:  (10) Tennessee, (77) Chattanooga (MTSU 99)
32d District:  (40) Memphis, (75) Vanderbilt (Belmont 78)

Which would set up the following regional quarter-finals:

Murray St. v. Morehead St.
Tennessee v. Vanderbilt
Memphis v. Chattanooga
Kentucky v. W. Kentucky

So far this year, Murray has beaten Morehead 57-53 (at Morehead), UT has beaten Vandy 68-60 (in Nashville) and 73-64 (in Knoxville), and UK has beaten Western 95-60 at Rupp.  (Memphis hasn't played Chattanooga).

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