Wednesday, December 29, 2021

AP Pro 32

 With two weeks left in the NFL regular season, the AP's top ten looks like this:

1.  Green Bay:  12-3
2.  Kansas City:  11-4
3.  Dallas:  11-4
4.  Tampa Bay:  11-4
5.  Los Angeles:  11-4
6.  Tennessee:  10-5
7.  Buffalo:  9-6
8.  Indianapolis:  9-6
9.  Cincinnati:  9-6
10.  New England:  9-6

The Dolphins (8-7) are up to number 12.  The Football Team (6-9) is down to number 24.

The Game of the Week is in Cincinnati, where the number-9 Bengals will host the number-2 Chiefs.  It's a huge game for both teams, as Cincinnati tries to win the AFC North and the Chiefs try to hold home field throughout the playoffs.  That's the only game with two top-10 teams, but in Nashville the number-6 Titans will host the number-12 Dolphins, and I'm pretty certain that will be one of the most violent games of the year.

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  1. I am tired of some end-of-the-regular-season game against the Patriots being "the Dolphins' Super Bowl."