Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Tuesday, May 20, 1975

You've probably been wondering what happened with my 1975 reports. Well, I decided to rethink things. 

First, I've realized that it's unsatisfying to experience concurrent football and Christmas seasons. Also, I decided it's more important for my days of week to align than it is for my dates. And I also will note that I am considering at least one more trip back through 1975 (which would be my third at the HP) before turning the calendar to 1976 because 1975 was such a giant year for real me--first year I collected baseball, football and basketball cards; first year I really understood how the TV networks worked, first year in the Concord district, etc. 

So, anyway, I might yet switch things up some more, but, for now, today for fake me is Tuesday, May 20, 1975, and the Channel 6 news just went off, and here's Johnny ...


  1. Why is it unsatisfying to experience concurrent football and Christmas seasons?

  2. Thanks for asking. It's just too much. What happens is that I start out all fired up about the old football or Christmas season, but then that excitement gets drowned out my excitement about the current. And so then the current football and Christmas seasons come to an end, and I feel like I missed the old football and Christmas seasons. Then I deep dive on the old college bowl games, and I end up not getting excited about the current college bowl games.

  3. Thanks, but it didn't take--too complex and too out of sync with the actual weather.