Friday, February 28, 2020

District Tournament Play from Last Night

There were no games in the First through Eighth District Boys' Basketball Tournaments on Wednesday night.  But last night, four district championships were decided in our end of the Commonwealth:

3d District Championship (at Mayfield):
Mayfield 46, Graves Co. 36

4th District Championship (at Marshall Co.):
Marshall Co. 45, Calloway Co. 43

6th District Championship (at Webster Co.):
Webster Co. 62, Henderson Co. 56

8th District Championship (at Christian Co.):
Christian Co. 81, University Heights 59

The other district finals are being played tonight.  Here's an update on the top 10 teams in the state, according to AP:

1.  Lou. Male -- won the 26th District
2.  Ashland Blazer -- won the 64th District
3.  Madisonville - N. Hopkins -- in the 7th District Final
4.  Lex. Catholic -- in the 43d District Final
5.  John Hardin -- won the 17th District
6.  Cov. Catholic -- in the 35th District Final
7.  Lex. Henry Clay -- eliminated
8.  Elizabethtown -- lost in the 17th District Final
9.  S. Laurel -- in the 50th District Final
10.  Lou. Ballard -- won the 28th District

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