Tuesday, December 10, 2019

NFL19 Update

Before he was hired by the long-cheating New England Patriots in 2000, Bill Belichick's career record as an NFL head coach was 36-44. When he was drafted by the Patriots in that same year, Tom Brady was selected with the 199th choice. It would be interesting to know how successful these two might've been without all of the cheating. In an NFL explicitly engineered for parity and razor-thin competitive margins, would Belichick have been closer to the subpar NFL head coach his actual NFL record showed him to be before 2000, or would he have achieved the genius-coach status he has acquired over the last 19 years and the Patriots' multiple instances of exposed cheating and presumably many, many more instances of unexposed cheating? Would Brady have turned out to be the marginal quarterback prospect all of the NFL teams concluded him to be when he left the University of Michigan, or would he have still come to be widely considered as one of the league's absolute all-time greats? For that matter, what might've been made of the careers of the dozens of players and coaches who have excelled in New England but have proven unable to replicate those successes with other teams?

But, of course, we never will know, and that's a shame. What we do know is that cheating is wrong, stupid and no fun and that we don't have to pretend otherwise. 
So, anyway, this seems like an opportune moment to catch up on the race for the NFL19 championship.

AFC (five or six legitimate teams will qualify for the playoffs)

  1. Baltimore Ravens (NFL00, NFL12 champ; NFL11* co-champ) 11-2
  2. Buffalo Bills 9-3*
  3. Kansas City Chiefs (NFL69 champ) 9-4
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL74, NFL75, NFL78, NFL79, NFL05, NFL08 champ; NFL01*, NFL04* NFL16* co-champ) 8-4*
  5. Houston Texans 8-5
  6. Tennessee Titans 8-5
  7. Cleveland Browns 6-6*
  8. Oakland Raiders (NFL76, NFL80, NFL83 champ) 6-7
  9. Indianapolis Colts (NFL70, NFL06 champ; NFL03*, NFL14* co-champ) 6-7
  10. New York Jets (NFL68 champ) 5-6*
  11. Denver Broncos (NFL97, NFL98, NFL15 champ) 5-8
  12. San Diego Chargers (NFL07* co-champ)  5-8
  13. Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL97*, NFL17* co-champ) 4-9
  14. Miami Dolphins (NFL72, NFL73 champ; NFL85* co-champ) 3-9*
  15. Cincinnati Bengals 1-12
NFC (six teams will qualify for the playoffs)
  1. San Francisco 49ers (NFL81, NFL84, NFL88, NFL89, NFL94 champ) 11-2
  2. Green Bay Packers (NFL66, NFL67, NFL10 champ; NFL97* co-champ) 10-3
  3. New Orleans Saints (NFL09 champ) 10-3
  4. Seattle Seahawks (NFL13 champ, NFL14* co-champ) 10-3
  5. Minnesota Vikings 9-4
  6. Los Angeles Rams (NFL99, NFL18 champ) 8-5
  7. Chicago Bears (NFL85* co-champ) 7-6
  8. Dallas Cowboys (NFL71, NFL77, NFL92, NFL93, NFL95 champ) 6-6*
  9. Philadelphia Eagles (NFL04*, NFL17* co-champ) 6-6*
  10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL02 champ) 6-7
  11. Carolina Panthers (NFL03* co-champ) 5-8
  12. Atlanta Falcons (NFL16* co-champ) 4-9
  13. Detroit Lions 3-9-1
  14. Arizona Cardinals 3-9-1
  15. Washington Redskins (NFL82, NFL87, NFL91 champ) 3-9*
  16. New York Giants (NFL86, NFL90 champ; NFL07*, NFL11* co-champ) 2-10*
*Losses against cheaters don't count; wins do.

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