Friday, November 8, 2019

NFL AP Poll -- Week 10

New England lost to Baltimore, so San Francisco is now the only undefeated team.  Meanwhile, the Pack were beaten by the Chargers.  That leaves the NFL's top 10 as follows:

1.  San Francisco:  8-0
2.  New Orleans:  7-1
3.  New England:  8-1
4.  Baltimore:  6-2
5.  Seattle:  7-2
6.  Kansas City:  6-3
7.  Green Bay:  7-2
8.  Minnesota:  6-3
9.  Houston:  6-3
10.  Dallas:  5-3

The Dolphins beat the Jets last week, so they have moved into a tie for 29th with the Redskins.  The battle for the number-one draft pick is as brutal as I can remember.  Look at these teams:

28.  Atlanta:  1-7
T29.  Washington:  1-8
T29.  Miami:  1-7
31.  New York Jets:  1-7
32.  Cincinnati:  0-8

I'm confident that the Redskins -- who have not scored a touchdown in their last 13 quarters -- are the worst of those teams.  But that hardly guarantees that they'll get the number-one pick.

For once, the Game of the Week is the Monday Night Game.  You don't see that very often these days, but the rise of the 49ers caught the schedule-makers by surprise.  So this week's game where San Francisco is hosting Seattle -- a huge matchup with major playoff implications -- is on Monday night.  The Sunday Night Game is also a good one -- Minnesota at Dallas.  The loser of that game will probably fall out of the Top Ten.  Those are your only Top Ten match-ups this week.

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