Sunday, September 15, 2019

Highway 45 Update

Mayfield has won 79 of its last 81 games on its home field at War Memorial Stadium, which is by far the most intimidating high school football field I have ever seen.  But those two losses are both to the McCracken County Mustangs, which pulled off a huge upset on Friday night.  The Mustangs jumped out to a 35-21 lead at the half, and stayed in the lead the rest of the way, winning 45-35.  So the Highway 45 competition ends with everyone going 1-1, and the road teams winning all three games:.  Here are the scores (home teams listed first):

08/24/19:  McCracken Co. 43 - 47 Paducah Tilghman
09/06/19:  Paducah Tilghman 20 - 38 Mayfield
09/13/19:  Mayfield 35 - 45 McCracken Co.

The Highway 45 schools achieved this same result in 2015, when the three road teams all won.

Since this year's competition ended in a three-way tie, we award the trophy to the most recent holder -- in this case, Mayfield (which had won the title outright in 2016, 2017, and 2018).

So one of the most exciting parts of the football season is over, and now there won't be too much drama until we get down to the quarterfinals.

All-time records:
Mayfield:  11-3 (4 outright titles, 1 retained title)
McCracken County:  6-8 (1 outright title, 1 retained title)
Paducah Tilghman:  4-10 (0 titles)

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