Thursday, September 12, 2019

AP Polls for KHSAA Football

Here are your ranked teams in Western Kentucky.  Eric, is Madisonville really this good?

9.  Henderson Co:  3-0

4.  S. Warren:  3-0
5.  Bowling Green:  3-0
7.  Owensboro:  2-1
10.  Greenwood:  3-0

3.  Madisonville-North Hopkins:  3-0
6.  Hopkinsville:  2-1

9.  Trigg Co:  3-0
10.  Paducah Tilghman:  2-1

1.  Mayfield
5.  Caldwell Co:  2-1
6.  Owensboro Catholic:  2-1
7.  Murray:  2-1
9.  Todd Co. Central:  2-0

5.  Crittenden Co:  3-0


  1. So far, Madisonville has beaten Union Co. 41-0, beaten Marshall Co. 43-6, and beaten Daviess Co. 52-15. That's pretty good. This week, the Maroons are at Christian Co.

    So far, Crittenden Co. has beaten Fort Campbell 43-14, beaten Webster Co. 48-21, and beaten Ballard Mem. 50-6. This week, the Rockets are home to Caldwell Co.

  2. Well, we'll see. Christian County is 0-3, but North got its first win ever against them just last season.

  3. Do more people refer to the school as "Madisonville" or as "North"?

  4. Definitely "North." It's not even close. You go either to "North" or "Central" (Hopkins County Central, in Mortons Gap). You might've gone to "Madisonville" (or "South" or "Nebo," etc.), but, today and for the last good several years, you go to and have gone to "North."

    It makes me happy that you picked up on that. I knew you would as I typed the original sentence. North, by the way, won, 25-15, at Christian, so the Maroons are at least that good.

    And McCracken County beat Mayfield! I'm excited to read the next post on the chaotic Highway 45er chase.