Monday, February 18, 2019

Oh, Kentucky

Guns, guns, guns: Bowling Green.

On "Somerset's blossoming downtown."

Hiring in Frankfort (for Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives archivists) and Lucas (for Barren River Lake State Resort Park recreation workers, etc.)

Turning to sports, the first eliminations for Kentucky's 2019 boys' and girls' high-school basketball championships are determined tonight.


  1. I'm so intrigued how the border didn't become an emergency until the Republicans lost the House.

  2. For my money, the national emergency is too much access to weaponry. Then my concerns in priority order are shortage of quality mental-health care, not enough police officers, lack of control over illegal drug trade, poor water quality where it exists, poor nutrition where it exists, natural-environment destruction, internet safety and security, loneliness, aging other public infrastructure (roads, bridges, sewer, etc.) and then internet inequality. Quality of life in neighboring and then other countries would also make the list not far after that. Border security would be a subheading under illegal drug trade.