Thursday, September 14, 2017

Oh, Kentucky

I had never seen this picture of Jim McDaniels with his Italian pro team, Snaidero Udine, in 1974-75. Once again, rest in peace, "Big Mac:" I worked with Jim at Jim Johnson Pontiac nearly 21 years ago. I was blessed with my first granddaughter while we worked together. He would bring all his customers to my office to see a picture of the new baby. Will always remember him holding her and his hand was bigger than her back. He called her "the baby" and we taught her to call him "Uncle Jim". Sweet memories. ... I was at Diddle area for a Murray game when he did the "illegal" dunk. Watched Big Mac beat UK. And almost watched a national champion. Great memories! ... Talk to Jim a lot when I worked at CDS drug store. He was always very nice he will be missed. ... Last time we talked he told me about nearly drowning on our Sr. Trip in a swimming pool somewhere we were. Said Coach Cline saved his life. I'd never known that story before. ... We grew up together, went to the same 3 room school, and later the same high school. I'll treasure those memories. May God give you peace in your grief. ... I will miss him coming to Wendy's getting he's food when I work there Going to miss you he was so nice when he came in we talk the longest on my break break b over prayers are with the family he was a Great friend ... When we were in school, he always sat behind me. Back then we had to set in abc order. He would have to put one leg on one side of my desk and the other on the other side. His feet was always in front of my desk. Every time I had to get out of my desk, he would have to stand up to let me out. That is if he thought I needed to get out. if not I had to set there. I left Scottsville after graduation but still kept up with his career. I was living in Florida and believe it was then that our 25th reunion came around. I was battling cancer and could not come. Somehow he found out and sent me a very nice letter and a picture of him and Jabar. Said I hear he is your favorite. After I moved back home I ran into him at Dumplings. Was surprised he knew me ( I don't look the same as high school). He gave me his number and told me to keep him informed when the group was getting together for one of our breakfast. I did and he and his lovely wife came. Was really happy to see how happy they were. ...

I really would like to know who donated a book to the Livingston County Historical Society and what the local education board's solar-panel plans are.

Guthrie Strong.

The Kentucky Emergency Management Association hails the Lewis County judge-executive for his work in getting that county "Storm Ready."

Graves County has mobilized its future workforce in the campaign to bring Mazda and Toyota manufacturing there.

Covington is incentivizing small businesses like crazy. I am particularly interested in the new restaurant named after Walt "Smoke" Justis of the 1913 Federal League Covington Blue Sox.

Larry Rowell in The Casey County News details the local food-insecurity situation.

Here's a pretty Maira Ansari feature for WAVE 3 on an Elizabethtown boy being made able to hear for the first time.

I enjoyed this Melinda J. Overstreet/Glasgow Daily Times piece on the local Kiwanians' 50 years of service, but I was hoping it would also have the date of the Glasgow Christmas parade.

Yes, we did have a 64-percent decline in the percentage of Kentucky's population without health insurance since 2013. (Gov. Bevin: Hold my beer.)

Alexandria is getting a new library!

Oldham County made The New York Times!

Paducah made Snopes!

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