Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Oh, Kentucky

McCracken County commissioner Bill Bartleman brokers a compromise on the flea-market fireworks show around the eclipse in Paducah.

Meanwhile, at Ferrell's, ...

Broadband for all in Graves County--even Symsonia and Water Valley.

Good jobs news from Campbellsville.

Hiring in Horse Cave (pressman trainee/$9.50 per hour).

Kentucky (probably) for sale (from New Mexico) ...


  1. I hope Graves county is able to bring broadband to everyone.

  2. If I'm a twelve year old and I see a statue in the middle of my hometown square I don't think to myself. Wow a traitor to his country. I sure hope we never have another civil war. No I would think, wow a hero. He has a statue to him. He was a general in the civil war. Sure is a bad thing we lost that war.

    1. Yup.

      People are upset about sanitizing history. The monuments are the sanitized history. The one in Madisonville (put up in 1905 or 1906) is a love song; it doesn't teach us anything other than that the people who paid to have it made and put up really loved the image that they remembered from 40 years before. The soldier depicted at the top of the thing is like a Sears-catalog rendition of a Confederate soldier--zero indication of being in battle, clean, erect, healthy, triumphant, etc. It's a disservice to history and learning.

  3. On the other hand, the Trigg County fiscal court should pay whatever it has to pay to go get that Golden Pond post office from the seller in New Mexico. Rolling out postal service (and phones, electricity and internet to everyone around the country) and connecting with each other is at least as beautiful as anything people do for each other through government.