Friday, June 9, 2017

Oh, Kentucky

"RISE UP MADISONVILLE" on Sunday morning.

On his visit to see the Democrats in Marshall County, supported by the Democrats in Calloway County, Martin O'Malley tells Channel 6 that he might again run for president.

Meanwhile, Rep. Comer ... "I'm continuing my mission to hold a town hall in all 35 counties in the first district. I recently just finished my 18th town hall, and I'm now halfway to the goal."

I think Brian D. McLaren gets his bracketing exactly right in The Christian Century: "A church that goes against the grain in a politically and socially conservative area has three main options. It can be a community for liberal refugees, a place for the political or social minority to gather with kindred spirits. Or it can be a bridge-building community, seeking to bring together people who see things differently, helping them understand and perhaps influence each other. Or it can be an activist community, seeking to change the social and political climate of the region in a progressive direction." The pastor at Morgantown Community Church counts his congregation in McLaren's first category.

I love Cadiz's downtown antique mall, and I love ice cream, and I love driving old U.S. 68, so I am thrilled by this WKDZ report.

Hiring in Lyon County, too.

Good jobs news from Coal Run Village and Debord.

July 4 fireworks are returning to Winchester.

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