Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Oh, Kentucky

From Lexington: "Roe v. Wade — it doesn’t matter if they overturn it or not."

A Cadiz man in Louisville, as reported in Hazard: "What I saw outside the abortion clinic."

Per the University of Virginia (FiveThirtyEight.com), cancer incidence has been falling overall--but not in places like Owsley County.

Fifty-two overdose calls in 32 hours in Louisville.

Paducah's old El Chico is turning into a Starbucks.

Good jobs news from Owensboro.

The Kentucky high-school affiliate of @Rivals, @KentuckyPreps, is back up and running.

Will NKU go the way of Georgetown College by selling its radio station?

Kentucky for sale:


  1. So where does Bevin stand on renegotiating NAFTA? Is there concerns in KY that this will effect the relations they have with their biggest trading partner?

  2. i don't know. good question. i tweeted it to him.