Tuesday, February 14, 2017

HP SPECIAL REPORT: 'Orange and Black! Orange and Black! These are the colors we will back'

Breaking ... Terry Hutcherson's essential Heath High School Class of 1960 Facebook page has been examining the 1930s of late (everybody's thinking about the 1930s these days), and, today, it has broken news that Heath High School's team colors changed (!) to black and gold--check that, "gold and black"--along about 1937.

Here's part of a page from the 1936-37 Heath yearbook ...

And here's a page from the 1937-38 annual ...

Congratulations, Queen Tanner, and well done, Mr. Hutcherson! The HP will continue to monitor developments at his Facebook page and advise as events warrant.

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  1. A comment from overnight: "That game was the one where my Dad ... took out a Barlow player and beat him up under the bleachers. The refs never realized he did it. The other player was being rough. So Daddy said."