Thursday, April 21, 2016

Oh, Kentucky

Live from Paducah, it's the Quilt Channel (through Saturday).

They're building Lexus vehicles at Toyota's Georgetown plant now, and, to better understand the challenge, factory workers went out driving back roads around the state. Mad props to Forbes for passing along that reporting tidbit, but I really wish they also would've included maps of the workers' routes.

Chinese investors have agreed to buy Lexmark, and that appears to be good jobs news for Lexington. 

Meanwhile, a radio-station operator in Edmonton has bought Funtown Mountain, and his plans sound very exciting for the Cave City property.

Here’s WFPL’s Jacob Ryan with a thought-provoking report from a fast-changing area of Louisville on the last days for a discount grocery that’s soon to be auctioned. “… Many in the neighborhood now — and before, when it was dominated by the Clarksdale housing project — depend on the small shop. It’s a quick trip and a short walk for snacks and smokes. …”

U.S. courts have decided that a Bosnian woman who had been living in Powell County can be extradited back to her home country for trial on war crimes.

Daryl Carrier--former Bristow High Comet, WKU Hilltopper, Kentucky Colonel and 1967 Federation Internationale de Basket-ball (FIBA) gold-medal winner--is among three new inductees to the Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame.

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