Wednesday, April 20, 2016

NBA Update

For the last five seasons in a row, the NBA Finals have featured a Western team with a beautiful, high-flying offense, and an Eastern team led by LeBron James.  So far, LeBron is 2-3 in these match-ups.  Here are the results:

2010-11:  Dallas 4, Miami 2
2011-12:  Miami 4, Oklahoma City 1
2012-13:  Miami 4, San Antonio 3
2013-14:  San Antonio 4, Miami 1
2014-15:  Golden St. 4, Cleveland 2

Heading into the playoffs this year, therefore, we have three teams -- Golden State, San Antonio, and Cleveland -- all of which have recent NBA Champions on the roster.  It is unusual to have three teams with that type of ability all in the field at the same time.  The last time I can remember this type of situation was in the late 1980's, when Boston, the Lakers, and the Pistons were all fielding championship-quality teams.  That period is remembered as a golden age for the NBA, and this period is evoking great praise as well.  I have been cynical about the Association for much of the last 20 years or so, but I am actually very excited about these playoffs.

Here is the first round, which will waste everyone's time for a few weeks.  We will hope that none of the principals suffer a major injury, and that all the good teams move on to the next round:

Home teams listed first (best four of seven) (seedings in parentheses):

(1) Cleveland 1 - 0 (8) Detroit
(4) Atlanta 2 - 0 (5) Boston
(3) Miami 1 - 0 (6) Charlotte
(2) Toronto 1 - 1 (7) Indiana

(1) Golden St. 2 - 0 (8) Houston
(4) L.A. Clippers 1 - 0 (5) Portland
(3) Oklahoma City 1 - 1 (6) Dallas
(2) San Antonio 2 - 0 (7) Memphis

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