Friday, July 31, 2015

The Freakin' Weekend (1969)

It breaks my heart that this July 30, 1969, broadcast does not appear to be available on the Internet. I'm just going to pretend that ABC's on the blink in Hoptown this weekend.

I'm also going to take one more 1969 weekend to pay extra-special attention to baseball before football begins to set in in a big way.

Plus, there's other TV.

And the Western Kentucky State Fair!

This little 1969 project has really turned me on to the fact that there's a lot more to Jeannie C. Riley than "Harper Valley PTA."

Also, I didn't know Billy Graham was a filmmaker until I got into this thing.

In my heaven, when all the colors have bled into one, I will have no deadline for completing the HP #ohky I write about what happened over the last 46 years to all of the farmers who competed in the 1969 Western Kentucky Fair Dairy Show.