Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Great Moments: Jonny Quest

This could of course be a TV show review, but the fact is Jonny Quest was more than just a TV show.  It had a big influence on cartoons and culture.  And like a great moment it was here and gone in a flash.

Jonny Quest ran on prime time ABC for one season in 1964-1965.  The show had solid ratings and got solid critical support, but was cancelled none the less.  The only reason I can reasonably find is cost, but when you start to read about it I think the show was simply more than anyone who was involved in it could handle for more than a one season run.  As it is we are left with 26 brilliant episodes and a show that had a major impact on media and pop culture in the U.S. 


  1. It's obvious that throughout the 1960's, Hollywood didn't really know what to do with the sort of people who like things like "Jonny Quest." "Star Trek" lasted for three years, but the third year was a mess. "Jonny Quest" lasted for a year. "Batman" lasted for three years, and the third year was a mess. "The Twilight Zone" lasted for five years, mainly because Serling could make his ideas look more like a regular TV show.

    But you have the impression that the whole time, the suits just don't believe in these projects -- that they see them as cult curiosities at best. They starve them of resources, and cancel them quickly. It wasn't until "Star Wars" broke through in 1977 that they realized just how big this sub-culture really was.

    1. One thing noted, I think on Wikipedia, was that this idea of syndication just didn't exist in 1964. They could have lost money on Jonny Quest by making more seasons, but long term they would have made up the difference through syndication. That model just didn't exist in 1964 to protect a show like Jonny Quest or get them to invest the kind of money that was really needed to fulfill the vision of the creators.