Thursday, March 12, 2015

What's On TV Tonight (1969)?

We've noted ABC's issues with figuring out what to do with its Wednesday nights. I'm thrilled to see that, as an interim solution, they're getting away from chasing the Laugh-In magic and instead putting on something that looks a whole heck of a lot like a number of my family's wedding receptions and anniversary parties.

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  1. In the 1968 Tournament, UK was scheduled to play Marquette in the Sweet 16. The game was to be played at Memorial Coliseum in Lexington. Marquette's coach, a New Yorker named Al McGuire, provoked all sorts of controversy, as he strongly implied that it was unfair to make his team play Kentucky at Kentucky. UK had the last word, as the Cats crushed Marquette 107-89.

    But only one year later, the 7th-ranked Cats found themselves in Madison, Wisconsin -- ready to face the same Marquette Warriors and their same coach. Knowing Kentucky fans the way I do, I'm sure that they wanted nothing more than for UK to smash Marquette in its home state.

    Unfortunately for the Cats, Al McGuire was not only a loudmouth -- he was also a genius coach. He sprang a zone defense on the Cats that completely stymied Dan Issel. Issel only took 8 shots in the whole game, and finished with only 13 points. As a team, the Cats made only 26 of 64 shots.

    With UK's offense struggling, the Cats didn't have enough defense to hold back Marquette. The Warriors shot almost 53 percent from the field and rolled to a disappointingly easy 81-74 victory.

    The next night UK beat Miami of Ohio 72-71 to take third place in the region. The Cats finished with a record of 23-5 and the SEC Championship.

    UCLA did get their fifth national championship, putting them one title ahead of Kentucky. But Lew Alcindor is finally graduating, while Issel, Mike Casey, and Mike Pratt are all scheduled to be back for their senior season next year -- so hopes will be high in the Commonwealth.