Saturday, March 14, 2015

Oh, Kentucky (1969)

The 1969 desk takes a road trip from Hoptown to Hartford.

"Your Picture Newspaper" put the following picture of the 11th District basketball champs on Page 1 of the March 13, 1969, edition. The Eagles ripped the Fordsville Trojans, 145-59, and then turned back the (1965-state-champion) Breckinridge County Tigers, 75-59, to win the district tournament.

"Ohio County played Drakesboro last night in the opening game of the regional tournament at Owensboro," added the Page 15 story. "Results of the game were not known at press time."

Says Wikipedia: "Ohio County is famous for its coal mines, which in the 1970s produced much of the nation's coal."

In 1969, though, basketball appeared to be a big deal. Here's a brief about some sort of rec-league game that ended 107-106!

I love newspaper activities like these.


Listing the hospital's visiting hours right there with the admissions is a brilliant stroke of community building.

Clean sweep for ol' OCHS ...

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