Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Oh, Kentucky

This would be a good opening sentence to something: Sixty years ago, the crooks spared just one thing when they robbed the Golden Rocket out on U.S. 62: the juke box.

Bad jobs news from Whitesburg.

More Kentucky kids live in poverty than a quarter century ago.

Cumberland, Hindman, Lexington and Louisville are raking in some federal dough to improve their livability and place arts at their cores.

Does northern Bullitt County want a hospital or not?

Murray State's new prez, who moved from eastern Oregon, is taking a look around Paducah. Maybe he'll go on the Red-Line Tour. We went on the Red-Line Tour almost immediately when we moved to Paducah in 1973.

The Mustangs and UK-bound-quarterback Zy'aire Hughes will wait another week to open at Tilghman, but many KHSAA football teams start the new season Aug. 22.

New top of my YouTube wish list: Spectacle in Taylorsville, 1974.

Rock on, (Mount Sterling's own!) Rev. Brandon Gilvin.

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