Thursday, October 31, 2013

Oh, Kentucky

"Lyon County, KY will not be postponing Halloween;" nor reportedly will Calvert City or Mount Washington. However, a lot of the state will wait until Friday to trick-or-treat because of the high potentiality of severe storms today. "Now are all you knuckleheads happy?"

Chill, says Gov. Beshear on CNBC.

Good jobs news from Bowling Green.

Back in business in Benham and Buffalo.

"A trip to the VisCenter for an adult is like a visit to Disney World for a child."

Big Bone Lick State Historic Site's "paleo-tech series of programs is designed to bring prehistoric knowledge and technologies back to life in case you are ever faced with a modern-day survival situation."

You might deserve a break today, but you really need to get your diploma.

Hey, the NBA is back.

Will it be a $1 million weekend for Kenny Perry?

Christmas parades: Owensboro, Nov. 23; Ashland, Nov. 26; Inez, Nov. 30; Elkton, Lebanon and Maysville, Dec. 6; Marion, Dec. 7, and Evarts, Dec. 8.