Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What's Left for the A's and Rangers?

The Swingin' A's pounded Texas 11-4 today in Oakland to take two out of three in that series.  So Oakland and Texas are now tied with identical records of 80-59, and we are looking at a race down to the wire between these two rivals.  Here are the last 23 games for each team, with home games in all caps:

TEXAS RANGERS (13 home, 10 away):
Sept. 6-8:  @ Los Angeles Angels (3 games)
Sept. 9-11: PITTSBURGH (3 games)
Sept. 13-15: OAKLAND (3 games)
Sept. 16-19:  @ Tampa Bay (4 games)
Sept. 20-22:  @ Kansas City (3 games)
Sept. 23-25:  HOUSTON (3 games)
Sept. 26-29:  LOS ANGELES ANGELS (4 games)

OAKLAND ATHLETICS (11 home, 12 away):
Sept. 5-8:  HOUSTON (4 games)
Sept. 10-12:  @ Minnesota (3 games)
Sept. 13-15:  @ Texas (3 games)
Sept. 16-18:  LOS ANGELES ANGELS (3 games)
Sept. 19-22:  MINNESOTA (4 games)
Sept. 23-25:  @ Los Angeles Angels (3 games)
Sept. 27-29:  @ Seattle (3 games)

The Rangers have two more home games than the Athletics, and the Rangers get to host the last three games of the year between Texas and Oakland.  But the Rangers also have to play seven games against Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay, while Oakland gets to play 20 of its last 23 games against teams that have been eliminated.  (How did the A's end up with seven games in September against the Twins?)  Anyway, whatever the rest of the baseball world may do in September, it looks as through Eric is in for some drama.



  2. Oakland lost the first game of the Houston series, but then the A's won the remaining three games.

    Oakland is 1.5 games ahead of Texas in the American League West, and Tampa is 3.0 games behind Texas in the wild-card standings. Baltimore, 2.0 behind Tampa, is the first team out of the tournament.

    The A's have an off day today, so that means I get to wash my Coco Crisp shirt.