Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Oh, Kentucky

The London Police are all over Covington.

And that last sentence has nothing to do with northern Kentucky's heroin boom.

The Sisters of Loretto (in "Nerinx"...? yup, Nerinx) vs. the proposed Bluegrass Pipeline.

Joe Bologna vs. ObamaCare.

"Olympics of Horn Playing" at U of L.

The old Heath and Lone Oak high school are now the home to middle schoolers; the old Heath Middle and Reidland High School are empty.

Christmas parades: Owensboro, Nov. 23.


  1. "The former Reidland High School building is currently empty, but that will soon change. The newspaper says the district plans to begin redecorating that building, along with the now empty Heath Middle School.

    "The district plans to move students in next summer to utilize a similar structure to that of Lone Oak schools."

  2. Honestly, they should just call themselves the Lone Oak School District and just be done with it.