Thursday, July 4, 2013

Oh, Kentucky

Rest in peace, Mr. Thomason, Korean War vet, frequent nursing-home visitor, Disneyworld grandchildren chaperone and provider of air conditioning to those in need.

Of Obamacare, per Paducah and Owensboro.

The U.S. Post Office in Buffalo is closing, but I'll bet it's not why you think.

Bullying just stinks.

From the county-fair beat: It's a (happy) wrap in Owen County.

Congratulations to Sims Dairy Queen of Flemingsburg!

Adair County High School's baseball coach was sorry for something he did at a Little League game in May, and some people are upset that he apparently lost his job Tuesday over the matter, and some people think whatever it was he did was bad enough that it could not be tolerated.

"Take On Me" by A-ha is (so far) this year's 182nd-most-requested song for Wedding Bells DJ Entertainment, for whom the Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce threw a ribbon-cutting last week. Without checking this link of the full top 200, can you guess No. 1?


  1. If I were at a wedding reception and they started to play "Pour Some Sugar on Me," I would definitely leave.

  2. :)

    So let's say the Heath High Class of '86 decided to hold its 27-year reunion in the parking lot of that little drive-up coffee kiosk just down the road from your place in Moscow, Idaho, ...

  3. "Pour Some Sugar On Me," incidentally, is No. 15 on the Wedding Bells DJ Entertainment Top 200 Requests of 2013.

  4. Rebekah Pewitt ‏@RebekahWYMT
    Officials have confirmed that a tornado has touched down near Manchester.
    5:43 PM - 4 Jul 13

    1. Thankfully, this tornado appears to have hurt no one and caused no significant property damage.