Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Oh, Kentucky

The super West Kentucky Genealogy Facebook page is at it again, this time posting scans of the 1939 Lowes Echo yearbook. Per the also-super Bob Mays/Ideal Rocket Oil Company/MEMSCO Mine Equipment & Mill Supply Company KHSAA history site, the boys' basketball team that season flamed out in the quarterfinals of the Third District tournament, 30-28, to Melber, which lost in the district semis to Mayfield, which lost in the first round of the First Region tournament to Paducah Tilghman, which then lost in the first round of the Sweet Sixteen to Richmond Madison, which lost in the second round to Hindman, which lost in the state championship to Brooksville. Before consolidation into Graves County High in 1986, Lowes made 15 appearances in the First Region tournament, and, in 10 of those trips, the Blue Devils were eliminated in the opening round. In 1961, at Murray State College, Lowes beat South Marshall, 95-60, and (this one must've been sweet) Mayfield, 53-44, before falling to North Marshall in the championship, 57-62. Then, in 1981, at Murray State University, Lowes beat Hickman, 71-48, and Marshall County, 41-47, before losing to (this one must've stung) Mayfield in the championship, 45-40. Those were good, but the Blue Devils' signature season was 1932: Lowes whooped Pilot Oak, 39-13, in the Second Region tournament final and got to go to Lexington for the Sweet Sixteen at UK's Alumni Gym. Nevermind that the Blue Devils lost in the first round, 48-22, to Waco (which then lost to Newport, which then lost to eventual-state-champ Hazard), what a trip that must've been!

It appears Lexington will soon be Searsless.

It appears in Paducah.

Good jobs news in McLean County.

A new Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge/Ram dealership opened in Middlesboro on Monday, and the first sale was a 2013 Kia Optima to a Pineville man.

The News-Enterprise weighs in on who should be Etown's next mayor.

Breaking: A truck full of bread apparently has been stolen from outside a Newport grocery ...


  1. In looking for a Newport radio station that streams online in hopes of finding some updates on the missing bread truck, I discovered this great little item about WNOP.

  2. If I ever got really, really rich, I'd have a giant loaf of sandwich bread baked in the shape of a bed every afternoon. Each night, I'd sleep on the still-warm new loaf, and then, in the morning, I'd just eat part of the bed for the breakfast with butter and jam. Then my people would cart out that loaf of bread and bake up a fresh bed for the next night.

  3. Police officers have really hard and scary jobs.

    1. Here's one of the things that came up on the Newport police scanner this afternoon, and it honestly sounded like the third-most difficult and scariest thing I heard them dealing with.