Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Oh, Kentucky

U.S. Major Andrew Graff Hamilton of Company A of the 12th Kentucky Calvary was the co-leader of a massive, Feb. 9, 1864, escape of Union officers from a Richmond, Va., prison. Years later, after things had settled down, he was among the guests of honor at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. Then, two years after that, he was murdered in Morgantown and buried in Reedyville. The Kentucky Historical Society plans on Saturday to dedicate a marker about him., and Peggy Bush had a pretty riveting story about the whole Hamilton affair back in 1988 in The Park City Daily News of Bowling Green ("the motive was apparently revenge," et al).

Dark and bloody Bobby Mackey's, of Wilder.

Okolana's fire chief of 39 years is saying when.

A big step forward in Chavies's water saga.

Bad jobs news from Hazard.

A terrific honor for Logan and Magoffin County high schools.

A Madisonville R&B trio, Driven, is on tour in support of Wiz Khalifa and a number of other acts.

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