Wednesday, June 12, 2013

MLB Power Rankings

Here is the latest top 10 from CBS Sports.  This may be one of the greatest Cardinal teams ever -- and check out the Swingin' A's!

1.  St. Louis Cardinals:  42-22
2.  Boston Red Sox:  40-26
3.  Oakland Athletics:  39-27
4.  Detroit Tigers:  36-27
5.  Cincinnati Reds:  39-26
6.  Atlanta Braves:  39-26
7.  Texas Rangers:  38-26
8.  New York Yankees:  37-27
9.  Pittsburgh Pirates:  38-26
10.  Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays:  35-29

Natstown, which is now home to the shortest-lived dynasty of all time, is ranked 18th.  Those folks in the media who don't want to admit that they were wrong about this team, and who keep writing hopeful columns about how the Nats are going to turn things around, are just fooling themselves.  The Nats are terrible at the fundamentals of baseball -- they can only win by getting lights-out pitching and lots of home runs.  They got those things last year, but they're not getting them this year -- and I don't see any reason to believe that they will do so.


  1. 5-2, A's over Yankees! #GREENCOLLAR, baby! Oakland is now atop of the A.L. West by a game, as Texas lost a second in a row.

    I'm getting excited about Dan Straily.

  2. A's-Yankees in bottom of 14th ... 2-2 ... New York got runners on first and second in top of 13th and bases load in 14th ... now one out in Oakland half ...

  3. #GREEEEEEEEEEEENCOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAR!!!! A's win in 18 innings, baby! 3-2 over Yankees! Sweep the series!

    1. In that 18th inning, Mariano Rivera issued the 39th intentional walk of his 19-year career, noted the AP. That number seems so incredibly low to me.

  4. Though they remain two games ahead of Texas in the A.L. West, the A's have lost two in a row. Seattle (31-38) goes for a series sweep at Oakland (41-29) in a game that starts any minute now.

    My fantastic wife and daughter gave me a fantastic No. 4 Coco Crisp jersey in T-shirt form (as well as a pecan roll!) for Father's Day this morning, so I can't imagine how the A's could possibly lose again at least this season.

  5. A's 10, Mariners 2. #GREENCOLLAR! Oakland is 42-29 on the season and 1-0 since I started wearing the Coco Crisp shirt. Thanks again, wife and daughter!