Monday, June 10, 2013

Oh, Kentucky

Prayers for SoKy.

"For my students, I just want to show them that the world is so much bigger than Louisville or wherever they live. ... I tell each and every one of them if you get a chance to travel, do it—go somewhere."

Paducah Bank Summer 2013 Internship Standings: T1, Murray State, 2; T1, WKU, 2; T3, UK, 1; T3, Ole Miss 1.

The Leitchfield Community Pool's victory lap is off to a successful start.

Good jobs news from Franklin.

Mills Furniture & Appliance, more than Surviving in Arjay since 1957. Central Flooring, rocking Central City since Friday. Park Mammoth Resort, feeling hopeful after this weekend's GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation event in Edmonson County. Velotta's Fireworks, just north of the Blue Bridge at Owensboro, ...?

Hey, cool, the person who wrote "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" is from Covington.