Tuesday, June 4, 2013

NBA Update

When the NBA playoffs started, I said that I wouldn't pay any attention unless Miami was facing an elimination game.  Last night, Miami and Indiana met in Game 7 of the NBA playoffs, so I listened to part of the game in my car radio on my way home from work.  Miami was just killing the Pacers, so I didn't have to listen for very long.

This was a pretty odd series.  Look at the scores (home team first):

Miami 103 - 102 Indiana (OT)
Miami 93 - 97 Indiana
Indiana 96 - 114 Miami
Indiana 99 - 92 Miami
Miami 90 - 79 Indiana
Indiana 91 - 77 Miami
Miami 99 - 76 Indiana

The first two games were real barn-burners that went right down to the wire.  And game 4 in Indiana was relatively close.  But the last three games were each pretty easy victories for the home team.  Given how hard it is to beat a good team by double digits, it seems strange that five of the seven games in this series -- including the last three -- weren't very close.

Meanwhile, San Antonio swept Memphis -- the Spurs have gone 12-2 in the playoffs so far, while the Heat have gone 12-4.

There hasn't been a whole lot of drama in these playoffs.  Of the 14 series that have been played so far, only two -- Miami/Indiana and Chicago/Brooklyn -- went the full seven games.  But at least it seems clear that we are down to the two best teams.

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